Most of us are guilty of knowing exactly what needs to be done to run a successful blog, but we don’t always follow through on it each and every time as we should.

I have decided that I need to follow these blogging commitments if I want my blogs to be successes and if I want to be successful as a blogger.

I have not only written them down here, but I have also put them up on my wall so that I don’t forget them.

Here are my 10 blogging commitments:

1 ) I will always plan before I execute. Whether it’s a marketing plan, a blog redesign, a post I’m writing, I will plan it out before I actually do it.

2 ) I will network more, and get to know people personally, both online and in person.

3 ) I will consider anyone to be a potential client, partner or reader until I have determined that they aren’t.

4 ) I will not ignore my blog, I will post as often as required depending on the blog, no matter if that means a post each day, or one each week.

5 ) I will not ignore my readers, I will take the time to answer all of them, by e-mail, social media or in my blog comments.

6 ) I will listen to the advice of others and consider it no matter who the person is, it may just be what my blog needs.

7 ) I will stay motivated and accept the fact that there will be ups and downs, but know the longer I stick with it the better the rewards will be.

8 ) I will only write and blog about things I enjoy, because the whole point is to enjoy your work and life, and making money is only a bonus.

9 ) I will accept that even if money is a bonus and that I enjoy blogging, that my blog should be treated as a business and plan accordingly.

10 ) I will analyze and use the statistics I have to increase my blog’s likelyhood of success.