April 2011 is my Highest Income Month so far!

Today is April 21st 2011, the month is a little over two thirds over, yet I have already broken my records for monthly traffic to all of my websites and the amount of income I have made.

In the past week alone I have had 7187 unique visitors to my websites, each website in the first 3 weeks of April has had more unique visitors and page views than any complete month to date.

The key to the sudden increases is directly related to the time and effort I have put in recently, and this will keep going only further increasing the success of my websites.

I told you a couple weeks ago about my Making Money Online Checklist, I was hoping to release it this month, but I’ve been busy perfecting it, along with two other checklists that will be coming.

I’m a big believer that checklists are the best way to organize and schedule your work, and will be sharing them all with you, I know if it works for me, it will work for you.

The Make Money checklist is one of the reasons I made much more money in the past couple weeks than ever before, it not only motivates me but it keeps me focused on making money, because you can get as much traffic as you want to your websites, but if you aren’t making more money then something isn’t right.

I don’t and won’t disclose the amount of money I make, but will tell you this, I have had an increase in traffic to my websites by about 30% in the past 2 weeks compared to the 2 weeks before that, but have had a 150% increase in revenue!

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  1. Good for you on your success it keeps us all going hoping to be that next one that posts an article like you did. I am still waiting although I had my first sale on March 29 2011 Yeah!!!! I will not disclose the amount either as it is to small to mention but none the less it was my first sale.

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