Blog Commenting vs Guest Posting on ProBlogger

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This is the fifth post in a series of seventeen posts I’m doing following Kim Roach’s list post of “17 Copy-And-Paste Blog Post Templates“. You can see all the posts from this series on my blogging challenges page.

I’ve attempted to do a case study before, and pretty much failed because there were too many variables in the study that made my results mean absolutely nothing, well this time I’ve taken it down a notch, and hopefully this will make more sense.

Blog Commenting vs Guest Posting

Basically I’m looking to compare how much traffic a guest post can bring to my blog versus blog commenting. It’s no secret, I love to comment on blogs, it probably has to do with the fact that I love reading blog posts, and always feel the need to comment either because I want to add something, show my support, ask a question or reward the writer for their work.
I haven’t done as much guest posting as I would like to, mostly because of a lack of time, but I have done about a dozen, you can see some in my portfolio, but I haven’t really updated lately. The object of my case study is a guest post that was published on October 31st 2011 on the biggest and arguably the best blog about blogging, ProBlogger.
The post I did for ProBlogger consisted of 604 words and brought me 74 visitors in the month after the post was released (November 2011), which works out to about a visitor for each 8 words.
I took the previous months (October) comments that I posted on ProBlogger, I couldn’t take the same month, because the results would be skewed because I replied to every comment on my guest post.
In October 2011 I did a total of 19 comments on ProBlogger, and the total amount of words was an astonishing 809. The total amount of visitors that I got during that month was 17, which works out to about a visitor for each 48 words.
I have to say I’m a little shocked at the results, I knew guest blogging would bring in more visitors, but never did I think I wrote more in the comments in a month than I did in one post.  I have to write 6 times more words in the comments than in a post to bring the same amount of visitors to my blog.
They each have their advantages, for example, blog commenting will let you network directly with the blogger and other commenters, also it shows recognition to the blogger that you took the time to comment. It can also provide you with insight or allow you to get additional information about the subject. Commenting can also come easier and quicker than writing a post, but that’s not always the case.
Guest posting’s advantages is that you can usually get 2-3 dofollow links, get more credibility and you can mold the people that are reading into buyers or subscribers, depending on what your goal is.

Final Thoughts

To sum up this case study, I’ve learned that I need to spend more time guest posting as not only are the positives aspects better than blog commenting, but the statistics are better too! I won’t be giving up commenting though, because it comes naturally and I love being part of the conversation.

What are your thoughts on commenting vs guest posting?

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  1. Pretty much like comparing apples to oranges eh? Honestly comparing commenting with guest posting doesn’t even make sense. Unless I’m missing something here?

    • Basically I’m comparing the advantages and disadvantages of using your time to comment versus writing posts. Both can get you noticed, both can bring in visitors and backlinks, both require you to write. I’m not sure what you mean about it not making sense?

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