You Can Find Me On Blog Engage!

I first spoke to you about Blog Engage over 15 months ago, in October of 2010 in a post titled 5 Social Bookmarking Site for Blogging Blogs. Blog Engage was my best of the five back then, and that has never been more true than now!

There have been many other additions to the social bookmarking and article directory club, but I’ve dropped all of them except for Blog Engage and vowed to myself that I would be much more active in 2012. As you know I have a lot on my plate this year, but I’m still managing to get on B.E. every day to at least read a couple articles.

It’s a great place to network and meet some great bloggers. You can build real relationships that will only improve your chances of being a successful blogger.

Even if you aren’t blogging about blogging, you can go there and get help and tips for your blog, to take it to the next level. They even have contests you can enter for free to win big cash prizes!

A lot of the social bookmarking websites out there only have members submitting articles and forgetting about them, but I guarantee if you invest a little bit of time at Blog Engage you will see it’s much more than that, it’s a real community. For people like me who have been online since the 90s, I like to compare it to Compuserve Groups (or AOL Groups, but I rather not speak about AOL lol).

Hopefully you’ll come over and be part of the community if you haven’t already, and say hi (my username, like most places, is DeuceGroup). They even offer premium memberships (starting at $4.99 a month) that can let you submit your RSS feed and your posts will automatically be syndicated and your backlinks will grow automatically, this will leave you more time to build actual relationships with other bloggers on the website.

Another great think about Blog Engage, is that it was recently redesigned, and the new look is amazing. It’s only $9.99 to sign up as a basic member.

Are you a member already? If so what’s your username and how do you like the website?

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  1. HI Jamie, this was a dynamite post. I can’t say thanks enough for the kind words about our community. Like you I love blog Engage and put so much work into making it a better experience for our users.
    I enjoy having you around the community and engaging with our members, I know they can learn a lot for your blog and what you have to share.
    The internet is such a big place making Blog Engage seem so small still but with members like you helping to build awareness we will be the best blogging community in no time.
    Thanks for everything Jamie.

    • It was my pleasure, I’m hoping to be able to bring in even more great people to BE, it’s a great place, and even if it’s small compared to the whole entire Internet, the people that are there are great. It’s fun getting to know people that are all working towards similar goals and can help each other out.

  2. Hey Jamie, I am glad we could connect over ate blog engage. I totally agree with you on what blog engage brings to a blogger’s table.
    Blog engage is a perfect opportunity to connect with other people and build some awesome relationships. I talked about blog engage myself in my new article, and said that the community will bring in a good amount of comments to your blog.
    I am enjoying the benefit of the signup. 🙂

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