Blogging Challenge Accepted: Million Dollar Blog Project

Less than a week ago, I accepted my first challenge, and it was a blogging challenge courtesy of Think Traffic, well today I’ve decided to accept another blogging challenge and again it’s from Think Traffic, this time it’s a longer challenge, one that will last many months, it’s called the Million Dollar Blog Project.
This project was put together by the Think Traffic Team, and basically they will build a blog and show you exactly how they turned it, step-by-step, into a profitable site. They want readers to do it at the same time as them, which is what I plan to do.
They have created a sub-website for this project, and there is already over 75 people participating. There will be leaderboards, and maybe prizes, but most important in my eyes is public accountability, meaning you write what your plans and goals are, and then have to confirm you’ve done your part. The members are supposed to be there for each other, which can help you meet new people and bloggers.
This isn’t a niche site challenge, it’s truly a blogging one, it has to be a blog in it’s typical format with chronological entries (video, audio and text are accepted).
You can see my journal, once the project gets on its way, on my Million Dollar Blog Project profile.
I have decided to use my blog dedicated to Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green.
If you are in it too, let me know we can help each other out.

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  1. I’m pretty late to the mix, but I’ve joined as well:
    You still focused on this?

    • Thanks for the comment Jason.
      I am still doing it, however I’ve dropped off from the 1st page of the leaderboard to the 4th because Mike Green, the subject of my blog in the MDBP got inured over a month ago and hasn’t played, so interest and searches are down for him, I expect it to pick up when he returns in a few weeks.

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