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Every once in a while I come across a post that really connects with me and gives me a blogging challenge. They aren’t always difficult, but it’s always fun and rewarding to actually complete a challenge. Sometimes, I say “Challenge Accepted” out-loud to myself like Barney Stinson on one of the top rated sitcoms right now, How I Met Your Mother.
Unfortunately I don’t always get through the whole challenge, but sometimes I do. Usually the main factor is time, I don’t always judge the amount of time needed for a challenge properly.
On this page you find a list of all the blogging challenges I have accepted, and their status along with the related links. If you have a specific blogging challenge you would like me to try, then contact me today, I’m always excited to connect with new people and try new things.

Blogging Challenges

[toggle title=”The Next Challenge: 101 BS-Free Ways to Drive Traffic”]
I will be embarking on my biggest blogging challenge yet, inspired by a post titled 101 BS-Free Ways to Drive Traffic by Tommy Walker over at Income Diary.
[toggle title=”February 20th 2012: 17 Step Blogging Challenge”]
This blogging challenge was completed on June 5th 2012. It all started from a guest post by Kim Roach on titled “17 Copy-And-Paste Blog Post Templates“.
Post #1 – Make A Predictions Post – 2012 Is When Mobile Blogging Goes Big
Post #2 – Things You Might Not Know About Me – 30 Things You Don’t Want To Know About Me
Post #3 – Why I Don’t Do “X” – Why I Don’t Do Video Marketing
Post #4 – (Famous Person Guide) to (Blank) – The Lil Wayne Guide To Producing Content
Post #5 – Case Study – Blog Commenting vs Guest Posting on ProBlogger
Post #6 – Product Showdowns – Logo Design Showdown: Fiverr vs Freelancer!
Post #7 – “X” Things You Must Do After (Blank) – 5 Things You Must Do After Installing WordPress
Post #8 – How To (Blank) In (X Number Of Days/Hours) – How To Make Ten Dollars Right Now
Post #9 – Experimental Posts – My First Guest Blogging Contest
Post #10 -Comprehensive Pillar Posts – Over 100 CommentLuv Blogs To Comment On
Post #11 – (Insert Desired Benefit) That No One Talks About – Blog Comments That No One Talks About
Post #12 – Blog Post Round Up – Ten Great Posts About Blog Comments
Post #13 – Things I Wish I Had Done Differently – The One Thing I Wish I Had Done Differently
Post #14 – The Tools Of The Trade – My Most Visited Websites From A to Z
Post #15 – Ask / Involve The Reader – Would You Pay For Blog Comments?
Post #16 – Debunk Industry Myths – 4 Reasons Your Blog Doesn’t Make Money
Post #17 – Comment On Industry Gossip – No Blogging Still Isn’t Dead
[toggle title=”November 17th 2011: Ranking My Blogs Case Study”]
This blogging challenge was both a failure and a success. It was successful because I learned a lot from my failure to present a case study. There were just too many variables to make any of the data be valuable. This challenge was sparked from a post on
Post #1 – Ranking My Blogs Case Study
Post #2 – Week 1 Update
Post #3 – Week 2 Update
Post #4 – Weeks 3-8 Update
[toggle title=”September 22nd 2011: Million Dollar Blog Project”]
This blogging challenge was successful at first, but since I used my Mike Green (Hockey Player) blog and he got injured and missed most of the season, well the website went way down in terms of content and traffic. I’ve also decided to change the website from a frequently updated blog to more of a static website with the blog being secondary. This challenge was a project started by ThinkTraffic.
Post #1 – Million Dollar Blog Project
[toggle title=”September 16th 2011: 21 Quick Actions for Your Blog”]
This was the first “official” blogging challenge I attempted to complete, and it was a single post with 21 different steps which I completed. The challenge came from a blog post on ThinkTraffic.
Post #1 – 21 Quick Actions For Your Blog

Have you completed any of the above challenges or any others?

If so contact me and let me know, I would like to add a link to your challenge as well.