Find Great URLs with my Domain Name System

Choosing a domain name isn’t something that should be taken lightly, it is one of the most important decisions when creating a website or blog. Over the years I have owned over a hundred different domain names, and today I’m going to share with you my domain name system, which will show you how I pick the domains I purchase.

Here are the 3 Steps in my Domain Name System

What will my website be about?

This is the first step of my domain name system and it may sound stupid, but so many people choose domain names because they are short, or sound cool, but have nothing to do with their topic. You want your domain to reflect your website properly, you want people to know what to expect from your website when they hear it.

What keywords will people use to find your website?

Either take a notepad, or open notepad and write down 5-10 of the main keywords for the website which you are buying a domain name. These are the words that you want your website to appear for in search results. A great tool to see how many people search for a specific keyword and also how much competition (how many websites want to be seen for that keyword) there is for that keyword is the Google Keyword Tool.

Is the URL you want available?

This is the last step of my domain name system. Once you have your main keywords, you can try and find your domain using those words, however it’s getting more and more difficult to find available .com domains with high traffic keywords. Thankfully, there is an amazing free tool out there to try and find close alternatives, it’s called Brainstormer by DomainHole, basically you enter your keyword and it will find the domains that match your keyword including many different types of alternatives, and it will tell you if they are available or not.
Once you have the domain you want, you can buy it from your web host, or if you don’t have one and just want to hold on to the domain, I always suggest GoDaddy (Affiliate Link).
What do you think of my domain name system?
How do you choose your domain names?

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  1. Sounds like a straight forward system.
    Curious what your thoughts are on “web 2.0” names, ie ones that are made up or mispellings of real words, like flickr, tumblr, veri, etc?

    • I think “web 2.0” domains have their purpose, just as company names do, the goal with that is to build a brand about it. It won’t have as much SEO appeal, but if you’re building a brand, that may not be your first priority.

  2. Sounds good Jamie. I think your Domain Name System is an effective way to get domains for 2 very important reasons: to get a domain for your site that is available and something that applies with what the site is about and for search engine reasons. This is a good 3 step strategy. Pretty simple to comprehend and implement. Thanks for sharing! Keep it up! 🙂

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