Just playing around with my BlackBerry, which most people seem to think I’m addicted to!

I got this particular phone in March 2009 and it’s the longest I’ve kept one device ever, and have no current plans on changing it.

I do use it to post to my websites, update Tumblr, tweet, check Facebook, answer e-mails, watch TV shows and movies, take pictures and videos, play games, check sports scores,surf the web and a bunch of other stuff to!

Well a good friend of mine got me some sweet BlackBerry swag including a box of golf tees, a bag, a beach ball, a pen, a picture clip and a notebook.

Best of all BlackBerry is Canadian.

As the saying goes once you go black you don’t go back!

If you’ve got a BlackBerry and want to connect via BBM just add me using the QRT code on the left of the screen or my PIN which is 24A63D4F.