Keep Your Phone Clean

I’m not talking about clean from dirt, although you should be doing that too!

I mean clean from apps, pictures and files you don’t need, both on your phone and in the cloud.

It’s part of my nightly routine before I put my phone down for the night, to go through my apps one by one, and makes sure I want to keep them all.

Sometimes I’ll remove apps because I don’t use them anymore, or because I don’t want to use them anymore (Uber Eats is a recurring one in that category!).

Delete screenshots, and other pictures from the day that you don’t want to keep, the same with any of the files you have.

This not only gives you more space, but also lets you look back on your day and see what you have done but also what you may have forgotten to do.

It will also allow you to see those notifications you may have swipped on by accident or that you didn’t have time to action when they came in.

Also makes you look at your todo list and see what you got done and what needs to be done tomorrow.

Overall it’s been the single greatest thing I’ve added to my nightly routine, helps me get prepared, and forget less things.

What else do you regularly do on your phone to keep if “clean”?

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