My 24 Hours to Make Money Online Review

About 2 weeks ago, I spent 24 hours online in a money making marathon, and now I’m here to tell the results of my time spent online.
I can happily say it was a great success, I networked with a lot of people, and made a quite a bit of money during the 24 hours, but even more important than that is the amount of money and work I have had since then as a direct result of my efforts during those 24 hours.
One of the reasons I decided to do this marathon was to put my Making Money Online Checklist to the test, I have made some adjustments to it based on my May 14th experience, and it will definitely be released in June, it will be free when you sign up to our mailing list which will also be new for June.
Because the checklist isn’t ready yet, I won’t detail exactly what I did on the 24th, but feel free to check my Twitter feed as I documented some of the things that were done.
Some things I can tell you, is that I have had almost 6 times more Fiverr orders since then, and have more advertising opportunities for my website, I have also referred over 850 people to MicroWorkers, about half of those in the past 2 weeks.

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  1. Dustin

    Looking forward to seeing the checklist!!

  2. Surprisingly entertaining many thanks, It is my opinion your current readers would definitely want more posts of this nature continue the great effort.

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