Top 5 Places to Work Online and Make Money

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of ways to make money online.

All of these ways are derivatives of two basic ways, which are selling your own products & services, and selling other people’s products & services. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, and I personally do a little of both. Today’s post is basically to show you a few of my favorite places to work online. I do offer web services and have my own websites to make money as well, but now we will focus on other places I go to make even more money.

Here are the top five places I do a lot of my online work:

1) Microworkers (Paid To Do Short Tasks)

This is a place to make a little bit of money quick. You get paid to do random tasks online like tweeting, blogging, reviewing, signing up, etc. This isn’t a place where you will make a fortune, but you can make an extra $50-$100 a month if you complete most of the tasks available to you. The great thing about Micro Workers is that most of the tasks take between 1 minute and 10 minutes to complete so it’s easy to accumulate cash and you can do it during slow times or when you take a break from your regular activities.

2) Fiverr (Create Five Dollar Gigs)

Fiverr is the marketplace for $5 gigs, basically you get to list things you would do for $5. It’s free to join and list, they get a $1 commission on each one of your sales, so you pocket $4 for each gig you sell. Gigs range from social marketing, web design, audio and video services, to even more complex things, some even weird. If you can find a good balance between a solid gig people will want to pay five bucks for and the amount of time it takes you to do the gig, then you can make some decent cash here.

3) Social Media (Paid to Tweet, Share on Facebook)

You can find people to pay you to tweet to your Twitter followers or share with your Facebook friends, or even easier than that you can just tweet and share affiliate links to different products and collect a commission on each sale. Usually you want to find products that you think your friends or followers will be interested in. The best ways to find affiliate links to make money is to search for stores or e-commerce websites selling items in your field of interest and see if they have an affiliate program. If you want you can join a general affiliate network that gives you access to thousands of different products like Commission Junction, eBay Partner Network, Amazon Associates, e-Junkie or ClickBank to name a few. You can use this on other social networks also, but Twitter and Facebook are the easiest and largest to use.

4) Freelancing (Find Paid Online Work Fast)

If ever you need to find work fast, you’ll want to turn to a freelancing marketplace, where you can literally find thousand of shorts, medium and long term jobs or tasks for you to do and get paid for, from simple data entry to more complex programming jobs, you can find it all. The two major marketplaces for freelancers are eLance and Freelancer. Both have thousands of jobs posted, you pick the ones you like and decide how much you want to charge, and then hope you are the picked freelancer to do the work.

5) Write Articles (Get Paid For Your Writing Skills)

There are hundreds of websites that will pay for your articles, short or long, about anything. What is great about this, is you can write about anything you want, you get paid to write about things of interest to you. Of course the more popular your articles are the more you will get paid, most places will either share the ads publish on your work or share the sale of your work for publishing purposes. The four places I usually write for are eZineArticles, HubPages, Squidoo and Triond.

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  1. fiverr is such a great place for social marketing and can literally use the same money you make from your gigs to advertise on the site itself and increase your sales by so much.

  2. What does gritting mean?

    • Hi Jay,
      It should actually read “Writing”, it’s a typo, will be corrected shortly, thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Hendrix Vennigsen

    Hmm ilove money.. I like ur article..

  4. Jamie, thanks for sharing! A couple of the sites were new to me and I’ll be checking them out, especially Fiverr.

    • My pleasure Sue, Fiverr really is great, there are a lot of copy cats out there, but I’ve had good experiences buying and selling with Fiverr, plus you can quickly withdraw your money with no hassle.

  5. Angie M.

    Microworker is lame. All the jobs want you to sign up for something or download something. This says “scam” to me! I’m not wiling to jeopardize the health of my computer for $.25.

    • Hi Angie,
      There are a few that ask to download something, but I never do those tasks, I’ve made over 80$ in the past week by liking stuff on FB, tweeting stuff, writing and putting links online, it’s not for everyone, but it’s pretty easy and quick money. I don’t rely on it for my main stream of income, but I like to have dozens of different income sources so that every day or second day I can withdraw some money.

  6. Thank you so much! I just stumbled on this and I am in absolute love! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You seriously just saved a 17-year old hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 THANK YOU!

  7. Sebastian

    I will be trying out some of these ASAP!!

  8. Melissa

    My husband, a professional writer, has used eLance for years and has had wonderful successes with it. He’s published online books and articles and always gets excellent ratings and reviews. Just make sure you get all the specifics up front about the job.

    • Thanks for the comment Melissa, I agree eLance works great, and for sure always get all the info before agreeing to a job.

  9. Maybe a good way to make some extra pocket change but I can’t see how you could create a sustainable income. Feel free to prove me wrong

    • I agree that the first 3 are definitely for extra pocket money, but the last 2 you can easily make a living. Thanks for the comment.

  10. Freelancers make money online? Could have fooled me. Perhaps as one stream, but not as a main income.

    • I definitely agree more streams equals better success, I always encourage people to diversify. I know a few people though who freelance to make a living, mostly through writing jobs.

  11. how will they paid you? through credit card?

    • It depends on the sites, they usually have several options, but the most common way to get paid is by PayPal.

  12. thye paid you through credit card?

  13. sorry I don’t see you comment so I post agn haha sry

  14. There are great opportunities today for internet marketers. Having a blog, publishing valuable content and sharing it throgh the social media sites can generate a good income. The most important thing is having a plan in order to increase the chances of success.
    Thank you for introducing this topic.

  15. I don’t like MicroWorkers that much because the payout is too low. Fiverr on the other hand brings much better results

    • I used to like MicroWorkers more because they paid for referrals but they stopped that a couple months ago, Fiverr is still great.

  16. Wow! A nice and timely article on working online!

  17. Hi Jamie, thanks for an interesting blog. Out of interest, what percentage of your income comes from Hubpages versus Squidoo? I’ve started hubbing and have only made a few dollars (but early days!). Haven’t monetized Squidoo yet.
    And how do you get paid to write for Ezinearticles? I write for them too but mainly to get my articles distributed more widely and get links to my sites. It would be good to get an idea of % income across the five mentioned, e.g. 70% from hubpages, 20% squidoo etc. Is that possible?
    Thanks, and hope to see you on my blog soon!

    • Hi Cassie,
      Soon I will be doing an income report, not sure if it will be monthly or quarterly yet, but it will include percentages of my income from each place ;).

  18. Thanks for sharing these – I was unaware of some like Microworkers. InfoBarrel is also a great place to write articles online. It’s free to join and you can link your AdSense, Amazon Associates and Chitika accounts to it for passive residual income

  19. I think a lot of people that start out to make a living from the internet dream of laying in bed till lunchtime and making money while they sleep. the relaity is like any industry you start at the bottom, work hard, get experiencve and contacts and if you stick at it you get some rewards.
    Great blog, found it via stumbleupon.

  20. Jamie, thanks for mentioning Fiverr, my favorite site (outside of my own, that is!)
    Fiverr is a great place to pick up some spare change. I make videos, even send people pages of my entrepreneurial diary and they pay me for it. Amazing.

  21. I really like your web site.. really wonderful hues & theme. Did you create this internet site yourself? Plz reply back again as I’m looking to create my own web site and would like to know wheere u obtained this from. many thanks

  22. I love fiverr. I use them for my logos. most of the people are from India which I dont mind since I am getting a good deal.
    I found your blog thru a comment you left on john chow. Glad I clicked on your link.

    • I’ve used Fiverr for some logos too, out of 6 I’ve ordered, 2 were incredible, 3 were good, and only one was horrible. I think if even only half are good or better it’s a great deal.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting Edgar

  23. This are cool places. Am going to check it out. Thanks for sharing

  24. Hi,
    It’s my first time here and I have learn quite a few things from this entry of yours. Personally I have not yet tried 1, 3 and 4.
    I have tried #2 but the gigs that I’m offering is quite boring. So, there’s not much income there.
    I also write to ezinearticle but only for myself, my blogs.
    I’ll explore more of your blog now to dig up more tips and info from you.
    Cheers mate.

  25. Great list I’ve only used freelancing, I’ll have to check out the rest of them, I could always use another source of income to help pay the bills. Thanks for the info.

  26. Hi Jamie,
    I would like to try Fiver, it seems interesting. I’ve already tried writing.

  27. Hi Jamie
    Been looking round your site keep finding some really helpful info.
    Like the idea here where you can earn small amounts of money when you have got a spare bit of time then use that money for advertising that way the only cost is your free time.
    Great info thanks lee

  28. Steve Gordin

    Great info!! Keep up the good work!!

  29. Great information. I wish there were more forums to interact with other bloggers. Would you recommend any conventions?

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