Nevermind SEO, How Much Traffic Do Blog Comments Bring Me?

I comment on a lot of blog, like a lot lot of blogs, yet it’s never enough, there are too many valid reasons to stop commenting on blog which include SEO, networking and backlinks.
Whenever I take the time to read a post I’ll leave a comment and share it when it’s relevant to my followers. One of the main reasons people comment on blogs is to get backlinks for SEO purposes, and while I do it for that reason too, it isn’t the only reason I comment on blogs.
I like commenting because it allows me to give my feedback or thanks to the blogger, and also allows me to networking with the writer or some of the other commentators on that blog.
Another reason that commenting on blogs is great, and is often overlooked, is that it can bring in extra visitors to your website, and if you’re commenting on blogs that are relevant to yours, then chances are those visitors will be highly targeted and interested in your blog, products and/or services.
I was wondering just how much traffic do blog comments bring me (hence the title of the post!). I took a look at where my traffic came from over the past thirty days on this blog, and found that blog commenting had a significant amount of traffic.

Traffic Breakdown From The Past 30 Days

Blog Comments: 7 %
Direct Traffic: 26 %
Search Engines: 36 %
Social Networks: 29 %
Other Sources: 2 %
You can say seven percent isn’t extraordinary, and when I look at the numbers, it works out to almost 1 visit per comment, but like I said at the beginning of the post, I’m not commenting only for visits, this is just a bonus, the SEO and Networking advantages also come in to play.
While looking through my stats, I noticed that it wasn’t just the bigger blogs that brought in more traffic, the smaller ones would bring in a good amount as well. They key was to comment first or last depending on how the website lists comments in relation to the post or comment form. The closer I was to the comment form or to the post the more visits I got, the more I was in the middle of the pack the less visitors I got.
Another thing to do in the comments is reply to individuals, they are more likely to click-through to see who you are, and make sure you click the opt in button below the comment form to be advised of replies so you can keep the discussion going.
Besides this website and my other sites, I also do paid blog commenting for others so it’s good to know what I’m working towards.
I’m thinking about creating a blog commenting checklist in the near future with all the details of what I need / should do each day to be successful.

How do you go about blog commenting?

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  1. I’m glad I came across your blog, as I’ve only just started out in seo for my own web site as I’m to skint to pay a pro!!
    I’ve been leaving blog comments also for the same reasons…
    I have also been submitting my URL to different high pr websites..
    Could you please advise me if the web directories do work for seo please?

    • Thanks for stopping by Colin.
      Web directories work as well, try and find ones related to your website, also guest blogging with links in the content to your website is great.

      • Jamie, I do a lot of commenting, and it has definitely had a positive effect on my Alexa and PR ranking. I do my best to stay relevant to the article. Yes, sometimes I actually read it! šŸ™‚ I’m kidding, of course. I read every word. Okay, now I’m lying šŸ™‚ , but I did read every word of your post. 7% is significant, and I think it’s good quality traffic if you want to connect with other bloggers (which I do).

        • I hear ya Astro, I skim over certain parts sometimes too, I believe it’s up to the blogger to make me want to read every word, if I don’t it’s their fault.

  2. I love to read 2-5 blogs a day…and I like comment on their blog also if I understand or like the content. 7% is not so bad number… šŸ˜€

  3. 7% is a good number, I am ranging somewhere between 3-4. Blog commenting can be a good way to gain additional traffic and backlinks for SEO. Lately I have been confined to my guest post only, looks like need to go out more…

  4. I really didn’t look at blog commenting as a SEO purpose, just because I don’t think it really is significant. You also stated in your article that commenting also builds relationships which is crucial for your journey! Great point! Otherwise, good points. Nice article. I am also working on commenting šŸ™‚

  5. Ha!! Was having this exact conversation with a SEO mentor of mine. We make comments on blogs to create back links but what comes of the comment usually creates a better ripple than what you intended which was just a simple comment and a backlink.. At least that’s how I feel..

    • Absolutely agree with that Mike, you can often tell who comments for SEO and who does it for networking. Honestly if you’re doing it for SEO you might as well pay someone to do it for you, but I rather network with people.

  6. Just found your blog through, SPI Blog.
    7% seems to be a good number. I have recently started doing the blog commenting and so far it’s working pretty well.

  7. Right now blog commenting in bringing all my sales! Well I guess it’s that and twitter but I think if I was to spend more time on blog commenting I would see so many sales starting to funneling in. The best part about the blog comment to is you get to take knowledge from everyone. In fact it’s extremely beneficial to blog comment in many ways.

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  9. Hi again Jamie, well i’ve done quite a bit of blog commenting since my last post to you, plus web directorie subbmissions, it seems to be doing the trick!
    when you say to leave link in comment do you mean with anchor text
    like this Drivewat paving Romford

  10. Hi again Jamie, well i’ve done quite a bit of blog commenting since my last post to you, plus web directorie subbmissions, it seems to be doing the trick!
    when you say to leave link in comment do you mean with anchor text
    like this Driveway paving Romford

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