Top 10 WordPress Themes from June 2012

2012 is half way done now, and I’m on schedule for my biggest year ever online in terms of not only money and stats but for the amount of projects I have created and participated in, most of them involved premium WordPress themes. In fact I’m working on the redesign of the Deuce Group (my company) website and have kept a real close eye on all the new WordPress themes, unfortunately I haven’t decided on one yet, and I may need your help in the near future to decide. In the meantime, here are my top 10 WordPress themes from June 2012.

If you think you have better ones that were released in June 2012, let me see them in the comments!

Here are my top 10 WordPress themes from June 2012

1 ) Daisho – Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme (Cost: $45) Demo / Purchase

Daisho - Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme

2 ) Maxx – Responsive Creative WordPress Theme (Cost: $40) Demo / Purchase

Maxx - Responsive Creative WordPress Theme

3 ) Mural: Business & Portfolio WordPress Theme (Cost: $55) Demo / Purchase

Mural: Business & Portfolio WordPress Theme

4 ) Nemesis Clean Design For Creative Designer (Cost: $45) Demo / Purchase

Nemesis Clean Design For Creative Designer

5 ) Green Earth – Environmental WordPress Theme (Cost: $50) Demo / Purchase

Green Earth - Environmental WordPress Theme

6 ) Cardamon WP — Multipurpose WordPress Theme (Cost: $50) Demo / Purchase

Cardamon WP — Multipurpose WordPress Theme

7 ) Choices – Responsive Business and Portfolio (Cost: $45) Demo / Purchase

Choices - Responsive Business and Portfolio

8 ) Nexus – Responsive Business WordPress Theme (Cost: $40) Demo / Purchase

Nexus - Responsive Business WordPress Theme

9 ) Made – Responsive Review/Magazine Theme (Cost: $50) Demo / Purchase

Made - Responsive Review/Magazine Theme

10 ) Nostalgia – Portfolio WordPress Theme (Cost: $40) Demo / Purchase

Nostalgia - Portfolio WordPress Theme

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  1. Hey Jamie,
    You know, It was really nice to have your comment on my blog and after just one comment you’ve leaved my blog forever? What happened bro?
    I must say that all of the themes are awesome you’ve shared here, but the Smartblog theme is another good one.
    Ehsan U.

    • Hey Ehsan,
      It’s been a really crazy busy summer, I’m getting back into the groove of things now, and should be back commenting in full force! Thanks for the comment about the themes 🙂

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