A question I get asked by a lot of people all the time is “How do you make money online?”. My answer is usually vague and goes something like many different ways or it varies from day to day. Most people just drop it there, but others really want to know and insist on getting better answers.
Well I’m working on a making money online checklist of the things I do to earn cash on the internet, the purpose is to make something for someone to follow each day and end up making money.
I will release this in the coming weeks as a free eBook with the checklist as a bonus on my money making opportunities website called MisterMakeItRain.com.
It’s easy to say I write articles, I have websites with advertising, I tweet, I design, and so on, but it’s another thing to list which places I use daily to make money, how much time I spend at each place and how I use that time.
This is just a little insight into a project I’m working on now, until it’s released, check out MisterMakeItRain.com for some reviews of online money making opportunities.