10 Online Sources of Inspiration for your Blog!

There are days when you have tons of ideas on posts you want to do, yet there are others when you can’t think of anything.

Make sure the days you have a lot of ideas, that you write them down. For those days where you have none or you aren’t inspired by the ideas you have, well try looking in one of the ten online places I listed below.

Remember not to steal content, but to use these sources as inspiration for your own posts.

Here are my ten places to look for blogging inspiration:

1. Google Alerts

This is a great way to keep up with things as they happen. Basically you subscribe to receive updates of new items on the Internet from Google via e-mail. You choose what term(s) you want Google to search for and where to look (news, blogs, videos, etc) and how often you want them to tell you about the new stuff (as it happens, once a day or once a week).

2. Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon new content, is great but dangerous as it can become highly addictive. You sign up, tell them your interests and click “Stumble” and it will bring you to a page it thinks you may enjoy, as you go you can like the page or dislike it, and it will learn from those ratings to try and serve you with content that you want.

3. RSS

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, which is basically a feed of content that can be interpreted by several different tools, the one you want is an RSS reader which allow you to subscribe to almost any website as most have RSS feeds now. The RSS reader I recommend is Google Reader, try it to get a better understanding of how it works. This way you save time from visiting a hundred different websites and get the new content delivered to you in an organized manner.

4. Google

I told you about Google Alerts in the first point, and about Google Reader in the one before this, but Google itself can be great, just head over there now, type the subject of your blog or website and you will have thousands if not millions of possible ideas.

5. News

There are four ways most people get the news; radio, television, newspapers and the Internet of course. No matter which way(s) suits you, you’re bound to find great topics that can link in one way or another to the topic of your website.

6. Twitter

Twitter is one of the places a lot of people turn to for news, but it’s not always trustworthy, you have to confirm your stories before you believe them, but the great thing is that even the false stories can work for content for your site. Just try and search for your subject, or check out the latest trending topics to see if you can relate one to your topic.

7. Events

Events can lead to inspiration, and I’m not just talking about world events, they can be personal events or moments in your life that will just inspire you. Don’t let those times go by without creating a post, share it with your readers, most want to hear the personality of the writer, or else they would be hitting up a news source instead of a blog.

8. Statistics & Goals

Again, people want the personal insight, a great idea for a post every once in a while is to share some of your website’s statistics with them (amount of posts or comments, amount of visitors, followers, subscribers, etc). From there you can even let them in on what your next goal is, not only will they look forward to see if you can make it, they will probably help or encourage you which will lead to more motivation for you.

9. Update an Older Post

Every once in a while I look at old posts, I see if something has changed from what I had written or if new things can be added and make a new post from that. This is great as it keeps things fresh and updated, and you can interlink your pages.

10. Ask a Question

When all else fails, ask your readers what they want, create a poll if need be, but see what they want. Chances are they will have some great ideas to throw at you and they probably aren’t the only ones that will enjoy reading your next post about that topic.

With these 10 tips to stay inspired in blogging, you should never run out of ideas, but in the odd case you do, how about you contact me and I’ll see what I can come up with.

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