15 Premium Tumblr Themes for 15$ or Less

I have been a member at Tumblr for quite a while now, it’s kind of like a combination of Twitter and WordPress. It’s simple to enter content like Twitter but it shows up like a blog. It’s not the most flexible way to have a web presence, but it’s pretty efficient and there’s a BlackBerry application for it, which is what made me want to use it more now. I’ve been shopping for a theme, and I’m really thinking about going with the Nuance Tumblr Theme (#3 on the list below), but am not 100% sold on it yet, let me know what your thoughts are on it in the comments, as I will probably be making the purchase in the coming weeks.

My top 15 premium Tumblr themes for 15 bucks or less:

1) Vintage Scrapbook ($12) Demo / Purchase

Vintage Scrapbook Tubmlr Theme

2) Tumbl News Template ($12) Demo / Purchase

Tumbl News Tumblr Theme

3) Nuance Tumblr Theme ($12) Demo / Purchase

Nuance Tumblr Theme

4) Helvetica ($10) Demo / Purchase

Helvetica Tumblr Theme

5) Stratocaster Tumblr Theme ($15) Demo / Purchase

Stratocaster Tumblr Theme

6) Forma Premium Tumblr Theme ($15) Demo / Purchase

Forma Premium Tumblr Theme

7) Future Tumblr Theme ($12) Demo / Purchase

Future Tumblr Theme

8) Cream A Tumblr Theme ($12) Demo / Purchase

Cream A Tumblr Theme

9) Vintage Sky Tumblr Theme ($11) Demo / Purchase

Vintage Sky Tumblr Theme

10) Crisps Tumblr Theme ($10) Demo / Purchase

Crisps Tumblr Theme

11) Pixelated Theme Tumblr ($8) Demo / Purchase

Pixelated Theme Tumblr

12) SlimBlolio Tumblr Theme ($12) Demo / Purchase

SlimBlolio Tumblr Theme

13) Time Goes Back Portfolio Theme ($11) Demo / Purchase

Time Goes Back A Tumblr Portfolio Theme

14) 5 in 1 Tumblr Theme ($9) Demo / Purchase

5 in 1 Tumblr Theme

15) Marigold & Patchwork Tumblr ($10) Demo / Purchase

Marigold & Patchwork Tumblr

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