17 Step Blogging Challenge Completed!

It has been almost four months since I started my latest blogging challenge, which was based on a guest post by Kim Roach on Smart Passive Income title “17 Copy-And-Paste Blog Post Templates“. It was a fun challenge, and I’m happy to say even if it took longer to complete it, I followed through and did it.

Challenges like this are a great way to find ideas for new blog posts, which was one of my goals when I started this challenge.

This brings me to my next blogging challenge that I will be starting in the next few days, it’s a little bit of the same concept as the one I just finished, but it’s on a bigger scale, instead of 17 steps, this time there are 101.

The new challenge is focused on driving traffic to my blog, and is based on a post by Tommy Walker over at Income Diary titled “101 “B.S. FREE” Ways to Drive More Traffic To Your Website“.

If you do the math and I keep the same pace it will take me 2 years to complete the challenge, but I’m hoping to pick up the pace quite a bit and complete it before the end of 2012.

You can follow along the challenge in so many ways like signing up for my newsletter or the RSS feed, and also by following me on Twitter. You can also bookmark my Blogging Challenges page which keeps tabs on all the challenges I have attempted or currently am attempting, including my failed challenges.

If you take part in the challenge with me, I’d love to hear from you!

Image(s): FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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