3 Ways to Engage People on Twitter

3 Ways to Engage People on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to make new connections, find new customers, followers, fans or just people that share the same interests as you.

A lot of people fail at Twitter because they act like a robot, they just tweet out their links non stop and hope for the best, or they add a bunch of hashtags and tweet at “peak times” and call it a day.

That is definitely an inefficient use of time and Twitter, if you want results, you need to engage people, you need to invest time and effort to connecting with people and showing them why they should follow you, or why they should click on anything you tweet!

Here are 3 easy and effective ways to engage people on Twitter.

  1. Answer Questions
    Find people asking questions, either specific one or open ended ones, and answer them to the best of your ability.
  2. Join a Conversation
    Find a conversion and add your two cents, agree or disagree with what people say, tweet it!
  3. Retweet with Comment
    Find someone who you think would be a great customer or visitor, and retweet something they have tweeted with a comment, or even better a question.

What are other ways you like to use Twitter for you blog or business?

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