5 Great Christmas Gifts for Online Workers

We are 15 days away from Christmas, and if you’re anything like me you have a lot of gifts left to buy, and don’t necessarily feel like going shopping in the crowded malls.

Thankfully I do most of my shopping online, being an online worker than only makes sense, but that isn’t the case for most people. A lot of people ask me what I want for Christmas, and I never know what to answer, so I figured I would make a list of 5 great Christmas gifts for online workers like myself.

Here are 5 Great Christmas Gifts for Online Workers

1 ) Domain Name

Most online workers already have a domain, if not several, but if they don’t own their name domain (www.theirname.com) that could make a cool gift, because most web workers will end up wanting it one day anyways. One of the more common places to buy domain names online is with Go Daddy.

2 ) Logo

This is a great idea that a friend once bought for me, you can get them a custom designed logo for either one of their projects, or for their personal brand. Check out my article on 10 great online logo design resources for where to get them.

3 ) Software

This is an obvious one, there are free versions of almost every type of software one would need, but a lot of those have upgrades that can be bought that aren’t usually expensive but make for a better user experience. Find out which software the person uses and check the website for upgrades or premium versions. If the person has a smart phone you can also buy them applications for it.

4 ) Business Cards

Even if everything is online, it doesn’t mean business cards have become obsolete, it’s quite the opposite, they are more important than ever to get your name and website out there. If you’re looking for a cost effective standard business card printer, you could try VistaPrint, but if you want something more trendy check out Moo Business Cards.

5 ) Gift Certificates

Some people are all for gift certificates, while others say it’s a boring or lazy gift. I think sometimes it’s the best for all involve, and works perfectly as an online gift, there are hundreds of online gift certifcates offered out there, but some of the favorites and most flexible are the eBay and Amazon ones.

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