5 Things I'm Working on Right Now!

You may have noticed a lower number of posts on all my websites, and none here since June 1st, well it isn’t because I’m away, but because I’m so busy working on so many great things, and although some are almost complete, I’m waiting for all of them to be completed as they are linked, but here’s a preview of what I’m working on.

Now if I only had those 5 things to do, then maybe I would be done already, but I also have my life to live, and my usual internet marketing to keep the income coming in while I work on these, along with the services I offer my customers, and not to mention my other websites, but these 5 things are a priority to me, and are what I consider my key to setting up a much more organized and profitable business model for my brand.

1. Jamie Northrup Redesign

I’m talking a total redesign, including the logo and website. I’m going to get some custom designers to submit different ideas for the actual brand design, and website design.As much as I like this website that I introduced back in August of 2010, it’s not the most practical website, I need more blog integration on the front page, as well as better way to connect with my visitors and a better way to feature my products and services.

2. The Mailing List

Obviously the key to any successful blogger that blogs about internet marketing or blogging itself, is the mailing list, right now I just use the automated options provided by Feedburner, but I will be upgrading soon, and will have a very different approach to newsletters, it won’t just be blog posts that were on the website, but more a monthly review of what i’ve done online, on this website, and others, as well as some contests, and freebies.

3. The Make Money Online Checklist

You may have heard of this one before, as I dedicated a post about it a while back, you’ll be happy to know it’s pretty much finished, and being tested now. Check out the post I made about it for more details.

4. My First eBook

The key to getting your name out there, and getting more people to sign up to your mailing list is the free eBook, which i’m working on now, and it will be offered as a free eBook once you sign up for my mailing list, it’s an eBook that will work on several of my websites.

5. My First WorkBook

I haven’t decided yet if this will be available in digital format or hard copy, or both, but it’s in the works now, and this is probably the longest part of the things I’m working on, and I maybe release the first 4 before this one is completed as i’m anticipating this will take another 3-4 months to complete.

Another thought I sometimes get, is what do I do with the Deuce Group brand? I could discontinue it, I could merge it with my personal brand, or I can change it to something totally different, I’m really on the fence about it right now, the website itself is a mess, but it is profitable, I will have to take a look down the line, but until then, I’ll be working on the Jamie Northrup brand.

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