Blogging Challenge Accepted! Again!

It has been over three and a half years since I completed the 17 step blogging challenge, and I think it’s time to try and complete it again to help me get back in the swing of things.
We begin with the first step, which is make a predictions post, back in February 2012, I predicted that 2012 would be when mobile blogging would go big, and it did!
This time instead of making a prediction about blogging, the web or anything in general, I’m going to predict something more personal, since this is my personal website and blog, it only makes sense!
It’s almost like New Year’s resolutions, except I’ll keep it web orientated, and keep the more random ones for the actual January 1st resolutions post in a months time.
I currently have 18 domains at this time, 3 personal ones including this one, 3 client sites, 1 hobby one and 11 domains for various web projects of mine. My first prediction is that I will reach 24 domains, by adding 7 web projects in 2016, and also complete the 11 incomplete ones right now.
Along with completing and adding to my web projects, my main focus will be to market and monetize them all. Here are my predictions by quarter.

Q1 2016

Add 2 domains
Complete 6 Web Projects

Q2 2016

Add 4 Domains
Complete 4 Web Projects

Q3 2016

Complete 6 Web Projects
Start Marketing & Monetization

Q4 2016

Complete 2 Web Projects
Continue to Market & Monetize

What are your predictions for yourself in the near and/or distant future?

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