BlackBerry or bust… or Android!

I love my “gadgets”, my devices, and one of my favorite “at the time” devices ever was my BlackBerry 8900 a.k.a. BlackBerry Curve. I now use a Pixel, which I love, like most thing made by Google, but my dream device would be an 8900 looking (or even the classic) with Android! That keyboard was […]

I'm Getting a BlackBerry PlayBook Eventually

I have to say, as much as I’m a BlackBerry fan, I wasn’t too sure about the BlackBerry Playbook, but after trying it out over the weekend, I’m sold, almost! The size, the speed and most importantly the full web browser are basically what have me sold, the only thing I’m waiting for is the […]

Drake uses a BlackBerry to write, well so do I!

My online business runs mostly through my super multitasking BlackBerry 8900. Usually while I’m writing blog posts, comments or e-mails on it, I listen to music, and lately there has been a lot of Drake’s music playing, so when I came across an article at BlackBerry Cool about Drake and his BB addiction, I couldn’t […]

I Love my BlackBerry 8900 and new Swag!

Just playing around with my BlackBerry, which most people seem to think I’m addicted to! I got this particular phone in March 2009 and it’s the longest I’ve kept one device ever, and have no current plans on changing it. I do use it to post to my websites, update Tumblr, tweet, check Facebook, answer […]