3 Ways to Engage People on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to make new connections, find new customers, followers, fans or just people that share the same interests as you. A lot of people fail at Twitter because they act like a robot, they just tweet out their links non stop and hope for the best, or they add a bunch […]

Free Blogging Club

I’ve been wanting to start this a long time ago, and figured why keep putting it off, so I’ve officially started my Free Blogging Club Facebook group. Facebook itself isn’t even a fraction of what it used to be with Snapchat, Instagram and a few others stealing it’s thunder, but the Group scene on FB […]

What’s Coming Next…

I’ve been working hard on all my websites, and I’ve already shown you the first two, first one about the best blogging resources and the second one showcasing over a thousand business cards. And I will present the rest of them to you shortly, but first… I wanted to take a minute to let you […]

Preparing my return to blogging!

I haven’t posted in 2018 yet, and my last post was in February 2017. And like so many bloggers,  3 of my last ten posts where pretty much “I’m back” post that had little to no traction or follow up. Here’s the breakdown of the last 5 years: 2017 – 1 2016 – 3 2015 […]

Jamie Northrup's LinkedIn Checklist of Daily Tasks

I’m a big checklist user, and thanks to the success of the Twitter Checklist I created last October, I’ve decided to start regularly creating new checklists for different internet marketing, money making, social networking and blogging activities.

Schedule Tweets on Multiple Twitter Accounts

Managing multiple websites means I manage multiple Twitter accounts, and sometimes that can be complicated, there are hundreds of tools out there to use to manage and keep track of several different Twitter accounts, my favorite overall one is TweetDeck. Today I won’t be speaking about TweetDeck though, right now I’m more interested in a […]

Google +1 is their answer to Facebook Likes

Unless you live under a rock, you know what the whole Facebook “Like” idea and button is all about. Well Google has released their version of the Like button, it’s called Google +1 and basically it’s a little +1 button that is placed at the end of search results and soon will be integrated directly […]

I updated my profile on the new Google Profiles

As of March 2nd 2011, Google has updated the look and feel of their Google Profiles pages. I just updated mine, and suggest you do the same for yours! It’s simple, fast and to the point, like most things Google, and it  looks pretty good too! We all know Google is the king of the […]

5 Social Bookmarking Sites for Blogging Blogs

If you run a blog about blogging, making money, internet marketing, social media or anything else related to the online world, these five websites are for you. Sure most of us use social bookmarking sites like Digg and Mixx, but it’s not the easiest place to go viral and get on the front page, but […]

Jamie Northrup's Daily Tasks Twitter Checklist

I must admit that when I first started using Twitter back in the day, I didn’t use it properly at all, but over the years I’ve learned quite a few things. I’ve decided to share my daily checklist of my Twitter tasks. These tips, or as I call them My Twitter Daily Tasks, aren’t necessarily […]