And the Winning WordPress Theme is…

After months of searching, and trying hundreds of WordPress themes (premium and free), I finally chose my top 10 candidates back on July 11th, and now finally today I’m convinced I have my winner. For about 3 weeks following my post on July 11th, I was sure I had my winner picked, and it was […]

Which WordPress Theme Should I Pick?

As you know, I’m redesigning my Jamie Northrup brand, with a new logo that has recently been created, and now I’m focusing on the new website design. I’ve gone through about 500 premium WordPress themes, and have it down to these 10. Before I share my list of my favorite WordPress themes from my new […]

Top 10 WordPress Themes from May 2011

There were only 65 new themes in the Theme Forest WordPress Theme Marketplace this month, which is a little on the low side, however there was no shortage of great themes amongst them. Before I share my list of my favorite ten premium WordPress themes from May 2011, I just want to tell you that […]

Top 10 WordPress Themes from April 2011

It’s that time again, another month is over, April 2011. I’ve seen a lot of themes this month, quite a few that brought projects right into my mind, but I’ve managed to stay disciplined as I have too much going on now to start new projects. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some time soon […]

EMR Services Website Redesign Complete

I recently completed a redesign of a website I had already done for a client. Originally it was a one page corporate presence, that needed to be upgraded to a multiple page corporate presence. The general concept was for a clean and simple website that is meant to inform potential and current customer with available […]

Top 10 WordPress Themes from March 2011

I haven’t done my monthly top 10 WordPress themes lately, but I still enjoying looking at all the new themes that come out, and decided it was time for another post. March was a good month for WordPress Themes, a lot of new stuff out there, along with WordPress 3.1 coming out, it was pretty […]

November 2010 Top 10 WordPress Themes

Sorry I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t been able to post much on here, but I am proud to bring you this month’s edition of new premium WordPress themes. We brought you the top 10 WordPress themes of September and October, so now we bring you the November edition. Before we get to the […]

Premium WordPress Plug-In Review: SocialPop

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed to add some more social media media buttons for my readers to be able to easier share a post amongst other networks other than the big three that I have to left here (Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon). So I went on a search, I wanted a WordPress […]

October 2010 Top 10 WordPress Themes

With the great success of my last WordPress themes post showcasing theĀ  Top 10 WordPress Themes from September 2010, I have decided to make this a monthly feature where each month I will present my top 10 favorites themes released that month. If you enjoy WordPress as much as I do, you should check out […]

15 Premium Tumblr Themes for 15$ or Less

I have been a member at Tumblr for quite a while now, it’s kind of like a combination of Twitter and WordPress. It’s simple to enter content like Twitter but it shows up like a blog. It’s not the most flexible way to have a web presence, but it’s pretty efficient and there’s a BlackBerry […]

September 2010 Top 10 WordPress Themes

I’m proud to present my favorite 10 WordPress premium themes from September 2010. I use WordPress for all my projects and most of my clients projects when at all possible, so I’m always on the look out for new premium WordPress themes for them or myself. During the course of the month of September I […]