Drake uses a BlackBerry to write, well so do I!

My online business runs mostly through my super multitasking BlackBerry 8900.

Usually while I’m writing blog posts, comments or e-mails on it, I listen to music, and lately there has been a lot of Drake’s music playing, so when I came across an article at BlackBerry Cool about Drake and his BB addiction, I couldn’t help but write about it.

Two of the best things out of Canada now (along with hockey) are Drake and BlackBerry.

Here are a couple of Drake BlackBerry quotes:

“I can’t write my raps on paper”
“The BlackBerry keys, my thumbs were made for touching them, ya know?”

I feel the same way, except instead of raps, I’m writing articles, posts, comments and so on. I am actually even completing my first eBook on it. Wherever I go, it follows.

Here are three of my favorite Drake music videos:

1) His newest feature, awesome song and video

Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross ft Drake and Chrisette Michele

2) A little older, but a classic motivational song

Money To Blow by Birdman ft Drake & Lil Wayne

3) A funny video about everyone’s favorite social media website

Tweet Tweet by Jimmy Kimmel ft Drake

What do you use your BB for?

Do you want to see more Drake videos?

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