Everything is Online, No More Downloads!

I was walking through Best Buy the other day and passed by the Computer Software section, and started thinking about when the last time I bought software from a store was, if I remember correctly it was some web design software back in the late 90s, because by the 2000s I was already downloading all my software online, legally of course.

I wonder how much longer will there be software available in store and how many people really do buy it?

Anyways, it’s 2010 now, soon to be 2011, so pretty much all the applications I need are online, also known as web apps. Other than the web browser I use to access the Internet everything else is Online from productivity, scheduling, gaming, communication, media, etc.

I decided to share my top 10 web applications I can’t live without, and use pretty much every single day for working online and personal use.

CastTV (For Watching TV Shows)

This is where I watch TV Shows, I used to need to download them via torrent sites and such, no more thanks to CastTV, it regroups a bunch of different free and paid video sources into a well organized catalog of hundreds of current and old television shows that you can stream and watch directly in your browser.

Facebook (For communication, games and marketing)

If you haven’t heard of Facebook, I’m surprised! If you aren’t a member of Facebook, I’m surprised! There are so many great things about Facebook, but most of all it’s about the people, and being able to have your friends involved in everything, from events, to games, to even marketing your stuff.

Gmail (For Email)

Some still use Outlook or Thunderbird, but the real battle is between Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. I’ve found that Gmail has the best options, in terms of quantity and quality.

Google (For Anything & Everything)

This is an obvious one, using Google from my toolbar or my phone, I always have indispensable information at my finger tips. I can learn about many things, and even better how to do many things on my own that I would’ve paid someone to do in the past. It never fails to amaze even me sometimes the answers I can find using Google and the right search techniques.

Google Calendar (For Time Management)

Working online requires great organization, and Google’s version of the calendar is amazing, simple, yet powerful. I have it synchronized with my BlackBerry so I can never miss an appointment, or a task.

Google Docs (For Creating and Sharing Documents)

I was a dedicated Microsoft Office fan for many years until I started using Google Docs last year, and I have completely said goodbye to Office now. Google is quick, easy, and available anywhere, and free! From text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more, it can handle it all for you.

Google Reader (For News and RSS Feeds)

Thanks for Google’s great RSS reader, I don’t need to visit hundreds of sites every day to find out the latest information, it gets fed to me, I go through about 15,000 posts per month. That’s a lot, but Google Reader makes it easy and practical to keep it all organized and flowing. I get all the latest from my friends blogs, to relevant info for my websites, to my hobbies and even to keep up with general local news.

Grooveshark (For Listening to Music)

More and more music websites are popping up that allow to stream music directly online, but I really like the layout and options that Grooveshark offers, every time I find a new song I like I put it in my favorites and then I just play all my favorites in random mode from any computer and I’m good to go.

Image Editor (For Editing Images)

Sometimes I need a little bit more editing for pictures than the WordPress image editor, so I go straight to Image Editor, it’s simple, quick and free like all my web applications.

WordPress (For Creating Websites)

My ultimate application is WordPress, all my websites are built on it, including this one. Started using it about 3 years ago, and haven’t looked back once. I’ve used and still use other alternatives to keep up with the different options they all offer, but WordPress is my publishing tool of choice.

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