Focus Your Emails

Focus Your Emails!

I absolutely love email, it’s my preferred way of communication!

Sure it’s not always the ideal choice for certain situations, but most of the time, I rather communicate via email that any other means.

As someone who receives a little over a thousand emails a day, it’s important to be able to have a process to manage them. While there are tons of different ways to “do email”, here’s the simple way I like to do it!

Of course I use Gmail, and would never recommend another email platform, my method can easily apply to any one of them!

There are tons of automated category labels, priority levels and spam sorting in my most email clients, but I prefer to not use any of that, I like to have control. Every email that gets sent my way at least has it’s title seen by me, including spam!

I ask myself the following questions:

Do I want to keep receiving this email?

If not, then I unsubscribe if I can, and if that doesn’t work, then I mark it as spam.

If I do want to receive it then I ask myself, do I want to see it as soon as it comes in? Meaning, in my inbox with notifications on my portable devices (phone, watch, etc)?

If so, then I do what I need to and then archive or snooze it!

If not, then I apply a filter to skip the inbox (archive) and label it as “Filtered”.

That’s all I have, 1 label, no categories, subjects or anything else. It’s all either inbox or “Filtered” for viewing at my convenience.

I used to have more labels, but then I found myself having to jump from label to label to archive, read and action them, when I could just as easily do it from one label.

And while I could just let them all go to my inbox, it would be a lot of notifications for nothing, or no notifications at all which means I could be late getting to the important ones!

What’s your email process?

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