Follow me Making Money Online at Flixya!

I joined Flixya a few months back, but never really took the time to set it up, or put any content up on it, until a couple weeks ago, and now I try and put something on it each day, I’ve noticed my Google Adsense impressions going up each day for Flixya since then, so I will keep it going, it doesn’t take long and it’s simple to do.

Basically Flixya is a social network that shares that pays you to share, the way it works is that you add your Google Adsense information and you get paid for 100% of the revenue generated on yours pages (profile, videos, photos or blog posts).

The more followers you have to more your stuff will get viewed and the higher your chances will be of making money. I try to add a new picture and/or video each day now, soon I’ll start putting some blog posts also and see how they do.

Make sure you join (free of course) and follow me!

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