Getting Paid to Blog is Great, But Recognition is Even Better!

Everyone knows I make quite a bit of money blogging, and that’s great because who doesn’t like to make extra money right?

Well one thing that is even more important to me, than making actual money from my blogs, is recognition, because at the end of the day, my business isn’t my blogs, my business is being a web consultant. My blogs were created as a hobby, but also to help me land more work.

Recognition as a web consultant in the fields of web development, internet marketing and social media marketing is what I usually get, and that’s precisely what I set out to get.  This post is a story about 2 of my blogs getting me a type of recognition I never expected to receive but was really happy to get.

One of my oldest blogs still around today, is about my favorite hockey player, Mike Green of the Washington Capitals. It has been online since 2008, and my very first post on July 28th 2008 pretty much sums up why I started the website and why Green is my favorite player. This website has let me test different web elements in terms of design and functionality to give me experience and a new addition to my portfolio, but more importantly, I have met many fans of Mike and the Capitals online.

Not too long ago though, I got an email from a friend of Mike Green’s who manages his website (GreenLife52) which is under construction now, but basically he wanted me to write / blog on Green’s official website, which I obviously accepted to do, I’m hoping his new site will be up soon and I will be able to do this.

Another great thing, is that Mike Green himself is now following me on Twitter, and we had a conversation via direct messaging.

The second blog, that got me some more celebrity recognition, is the follow up to my Mike Green website, it’s the same style website, but about my favorite hockey goalie, Ray Emery. The story is almost the same, but it’s the reverse, in Emery’s case, he followed me on Twitter and we spoke via tweets before someone contacted me about more opportunities.

I can’t give you details on exactly what those opportunities are yet, as this just happened last week, but I’m hoping this will be great for not only myself, but the website and the other Ray Emery fans of that enjoy the site.

I have received other types of recognition that I enjoyed as well, but these two were different, as they weren’t professional recognition that I set out to get, but something much more special. It was not only appreciated, but it was also motivating to keep on going, because even if the money is the motivation, I started making websites in 1995 as a hobby, and part of that is still in me.

How about you?

Have you ever had celebrities or special people reach out to you because of your blog or website?

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