Google +1 is their answer to Facebook Likes

Unless you live under a rock, you know what the whole Facebook “Like” idea and button is all about. Well Google has released their version of the Like button, it’s called Google +1 and basically it’s a little +1 button that is placed at the end of search results and soon will be integrated directly into other websites like the Facebook Like button.
Right now it’s still in the Google Labs as an experiment, but it should be out there relatively soon for everyone.
It even creates a tab that you can share on your Google Profile showing your +1’s.
You can bet Google will be using the data it collects from the plus ones towards it’s search ranking algorithms. I would assume that not only the amount of plus ones will count, but what the search term was that brought on this plus one.
Until then feel free to search for “Jamie Northrup” and +1 my site!

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