My NHL Hockey Picks Blog is a Success!

One of my greatest passions is the sport of ice hockey, to me it’s more than a sport it’s a lifestyle! I play it, I watch it, I follow it and of course, I blog about it!
I have 2 blogs about my favorite hockey players, Capitals Mike Green and Blackhawks Ray Emery, but I also decided at the beginning of this season to start a hockey picks blog on Google’s Blogger to predict the winners of each hockey game in the National Hockey League (NHL). I started this for fun, for bragging rights and also to see how the new Blogger worked, well I must say it’s been a great success.
I spent a few minutes each day and make 2 posts, the previous days results followed by a post with my picks for that day, and now about 3 months after I started this, I’m averaging over 40 pageviews per day and it keeps going up, I’ve already had offers to put links on the website, but have declined for now since there is no sidebar or footer section in the new Blogger dynamic templates yet, but it should be coming in 2012.
I measure success based on the fact that other than the 5 minutes I day doing the posts, I have not invested any other time or money in the blog, and it’s something I love doing, which I can do from my PC, BlackBerry PlayBook or Smartphone!
It may even get to the point where I will get the site it’s own domain, but so far it’s doing great without it, I think before I invest a single penny into the website, I’ll let the first season finish, and then maybe do something for next season, as I’m planning a launch of a new hockey related website for next season as well, but more on that down the road on that project, since as I mentioned yesterday in my 2012 blogging resolutions post, I have other projects to work.

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