I updated my profile on the new Google Profiles

As of March 2nd 2011, Google has updated the look and feel of their Google Profiles pages. I just updated mine, and suggest you do the same for yours!

It’s simple, fast and to the point, like most things Google, and it  looks pretty good too!

We all know Google is the king of the web, well one of them along with Facebook right now, and most of us know that Google is hard at work in becoming more social in order to compete with Facebook, and I think these profiles are where things will start from.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Go to http://profiles.google.com
  2. Login or sign up for a Google account
  3. Click edit profile
  4. Click edit on the sections you want to change

That’s about it, you will also be able to control who can see your information right there in each section.

Check out my Google Profile, pretty simple and basic for now, but expect Google to be connecting all sorts of things to it soon.

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