Just Ordered my Free 100 Moo Business Cards

Back on June 6th, I won a contest at Inspiredology and the prize was 100 Moo business cards with free shipping. It took me a month and two days to actually put my order through, mostly in part to me waiting on my new logo for my personal brand, but it is now officially done and I should have them by August 5th 2011.

This is my first order from Moo.com, in the past all my business cards were ordered from VistaPrint, so this is like a test for me, I played around a bit because Moo lets you choose as many designs as you want for one side of the card, so I got 10 different cards printed 10 times each, once I see which ones I prefer then I’ll just order those.

I will be sure to share pictures of them online here, and of course will put them up at Business Card Critic and if you meet me at an event in the future you’ll be sure to get handed one!

Let me know your thoughts on Moo.com and other business card printing websites.

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