Which Landing Page Template Should I Use?

There are over 150 landing page templates over at ThemeForest and I’ve managed to choose my five favorite ones, but now I would like your thoughts on each one before I make my final decisions.
Without getting into too much detail, this landing page will be used at this domain: http://www.smallbusinesspackage.ca and as you can guess, it will be for a small business package I will be offering, down the road I will get into more details about the package and website, but until then, take a look at the landing page templates below and tell me which one you recommend and why.

Here Are My Top 5 Landing Page Templates

1 ) Oceanic Landing Page (Cost: $8) Demo / Purchase

Oceanic Landing Page Template

2 ) ProfitHunt Landing Page (Cost: $8) Demo / Purchase

ProftHunt Landing Page Template

3 ) Prolead Landing Page (Cost: $11) Demo / Purchase

Prolead Landing Page Template

4 ) Conversion Premium Landing Page (Cost: $10) Demo / Purchase

Conversion Premium Landing Page Template

5 ) X-Tech Landing Page (Cost: $9) Demo / Purchase

X-Tech Landing Page Template

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