Jamie Northrup's LinkedIn Checklist of Daily Tasks

I’m a big checklist user, and thanks to the success of the Twitter Checklist I created last October, I’ve decided to start regularly creating new checklists for different internet marketing, money making, social networking and blogging activities.

Each checklist will have a blog post associated with it that will describe each item on the checklist and the checklists will soon be regrouped on the different checklist pages which I am still experimenting with.

More will come on these checklists, but in the meantime check out this LinkedIn Checklist.

Jamie’s Daily Tasks LinkedIn Checklist

Download the PDF Version

– Answer a Question

The best way to show others how knowledgeable you are is by answering their questions, it’s also a great way to make new contacts, and maybe even find potential customers. LinkedIn has a section called “Answers” which is your best place to go to find the latest questions that need answers, but there are also plenty of questions throughout their “Groups” as well for you to answer.

– Answer your Messages

Linkedin, like most socially infused websites, has a private messaging system, it’s very important to make sure you answer any and all requests through their system. Why have social media presence on a website if you can’t answer direct messages sent to you.

– Ask a Question

You could do this in two different ways, the first would be to ask a difficult question to test people and reward the correct person, or to actually get answers to questions you have. Make sure to contact each person that answers you, and thank them, and maybe even direct them to your website, or tell them more about you.

– Check Out LinkedIn Today

See what’s popular on LinkedIn and see who shared it, you can find connections in specific fields of interest this way.

– Contact a User Directly

Go through your connections and find someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or at all, and send them a message. Tell them what you’ve been up to and ask what they have been doing, and maybe check if they are interested in exchanging some business services or partnering up for a project.

– Join a Group

One of the great things about LinkedIn are the groups. There are thousands of groups, and if you can’t find one that fits your needs, nothing is stopping you from starting your own. No matter if you create on or join a few, just make sure you participate, active users are the ones that get the most out of it.

– Make a New Connection

There is never a day that isn’t a perfect day to meet someone new, and this is true on LinkedIn also, find someone through any way and not only request a connection, but send them a personalized message about why you picked them and what you envision your connection to them will become.

– Organize your Connections

You can use lists to sort your connections to groups, for example you may want friends, family, coworkers, and then have the internet marketers, bloggers or others. This way you can quickly find contacts, or contact groups for specific reasons without alienating all your connections.

– Recommend a User

This is a win-win-win situation, or as I say a win cubed situation. You win because you look credible and friendly, the person getting recommended wins for obvious reasons, and the person receiving the recommendation wins as well because he can get his needs taken care of with piece of mind. This system only works if you recommend quality people though, because or else it can quickly become a lose-lose-lose situation.

– Share an Older Post

The best and most efficient way to share an old post is to find a relevant question or group discussion and refer someone to it to fill a need or question of theirs.

– Share your Latest Post

Just like with the old post, find a place to share it where it’s needed, and try and find a different group than where you shared the older post because you don’t want to seem like you’re just pushing links.

– Start a Group Discussion

Get something going, join a group and just write something about the groups topic. The more interesting or controversial the more response you are likely to get, and this will lead to recognition and maybe new connections and/or customers.

– Tweak your Profile

LinkedIn is often used by people to check out others, and nothing means business more than a users profile. Try and make a small tweak to improve or update your profile every day. It can be something simple like changing your picture, or your skills, or it can be something even more intricate like adding new employment experiences.

– Update your Status without a Link

This is to show you are human and aren’t just trying to get more sales and/or website traffic. It can simply be a question like how is everyone doing, or stating something about life or the news in general.

Download the PDF Version

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