Logo Design Showdown: Fiverr vs Freelancer!

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This is the 6th post in a series of seventeen posts I’m doing following Kim Roach’s list post of “17 Copy-And-Paste Blog Post Templates“. You can see all the posts from this series on my blogging challenges page.

I don’t know what’s worse, my creative skills or my design skills. Either way, when it comes to logo design, I long gave up on trying to do it myself. I always outsource the work, and lately it has always been between two different places depending on budget, time and situation, the first being Fiverr.com and the second being Freelancer.com.
Below you’ll see my thoughts on each, including the pros and cons, as well as some examples of actual logos created using both websites. Let the logo design showdown begin!

Fiverr Logos are Cheap but Risky

Fiverr is a marketplace where people exchange services and goods for five dollars. The services range anywhere from graphic design, to marketing, and even to weird, funny and strange things. I’ve purchased quite a few gigs (that’s what they call the services/products you buy for $5) in the past, six of those were for logo design, here are the details.
1) March 21st 2010: User RobertLockridge offered to design several simple, elegant logos. I ordered the gig which has 9 positive and 0 negative reviews (The gig is still available today), and here’s the logo I got for $5.00.
Social Favors Logo
This was my favorite logo design of all the ones on Fiverr, which is basically what helped me keep Fiverr as a contender for logos.
2) April 2nd 2010: User Duper offered to design a professional logo. I ordered the gig which has 240 positive and 9 negative reviews (The gig is still available today), and here’s the logo I got for $5.00.
Business Card Critic Logo
This logo is nice, and serves the purpose I needed it for. It’s nothing great, but definitely worth more than the five bucks I payed for it.
3) April 6th 2010: User RHICreation offered to design a professional and personalized logo. I ordered the gig which is no longer available, and here’s the logo I got for $5.00.
Ray Emery Fan Logo
I didn’t en up using this logo because it wasn’t quite what I wanted. The shading was off, even though I provided the background to be used, and it was basically a copy-paste job with the jersey instead of it being done from scratch. This one was a waste of five dollars.
4) June 3rd 2010: User Yatman offered to make a business/personal logo. I ordered the gig which has 3 positive and 8 negative reviews (The gig is still available today), and got nothing, I ended up getting a refund because the logo was never delivered and his time ran out. The gig is still there, but the last 8 reviews are negative ones because the seller failed to deliver on time. I didn’t lose any money, but did lose time.
5) June 28th 2010: User M1T3 offered to design a logo. I ordered the gig which has 117 positive and 17 negative reviews (The gig is still available today), and here’s the logo I got for $5.00.
Mister Make It Rain Logo
This is my second favorite logo behind the Social Favors one, it’s another simple but elegant logo, and well worth the $5.00 spent on it.
6) August 26th 2010: User Wadheanand offered to design a logo. I ordered the gig which has 1168 positive and 36 negative reviews (The gig is still available today), and here’s the logo I got for $5.00.
Old Jamie Northrup Logo That Didn't Make It
This was the worst logo I got, and never ended up using it. He did offer to work more on it, but I cut my losses at 5 dollars and the amount of time I had used to describe the logo, because I didn’t really know where to go from the proposed logo. It could’ve been my fault, for not knowing specifically what I wanted.

Freelancer Logos are Higher Quality but Pricier

Freelancer.com lets you post projects of what you want someone to do for you, and then you can get dozens, even hundreds of people offer their services with their price. You can look through their reputation and portfolio, then decide on one (or several) to start working on your project. Prices can vary from $30.00 to over $100.00 for a logo.
The obvious disadvantage to using Freelancer as opposed to Fiverr is the price, but the big advantage is that you can go back and forth with the designer until they get what you want done. I’ve used Freelancer.com for 3 logo designs, here are the details for each time.
1) February 16th 2010: I picked user ColorGraphicz to design several different related graphics, including a logo. The price for the logo was about $60.00 when you break it down.
Deuce Group Logo
I like this logo, I made the designer go over it several times to get down to this, but it is now a little dated and will update it. Because of all the work it took to get it finalized it was well worth the $60.00, not sure I would’ve ended up with what I wanted even if I used 12 Fiverr gigs.
2) July 26th 2010: I picked user Katerina2105 to design 3 matching logos for three websites using the same template, they all needed the same back ground. The price for all three was $60.00.
Fan Website Logos
You’ll notice that this is for the same project as the third Fiverr logo design, and needless to say these are much better. Not sure the complexity was worth $60.00, and if I looked hard enough I could’ve probably gotten someone to do them for my on Fiverr, but I needed them quickly, so Freelancer was the best choice then.
3) June 23rd 2011: I picked user DescomGroup to design the logo for this website. His cost was $60.00.
Jamie Northrup Logo
He wasn’t the cheapest, but I balanced budget and portfolio and liked what he had to offer and really loved the end product. It’s my favorite of all my logos, even if it’s simple. It was worth the sixty dollars and more!

Logo Design Showdown Conclusion

I can’t say there’s a clearcut winner, as I still want to use both for my upcoming projects, as they both have their advantages. I think my new formula would be to try 2-3 Fiverr gigs for a logo project, and if it doesn’t work then move over to Freelancer and get it done.
This way, I could get 2 different designers for ten bucks design logos and maybe I’ll get lucky like in a few of the cases above, and if not, well I only lost ten dollars, and can move on to a more professional and reliable medium in Freelancer.com.

I would love to see the logos you use and know how/where you got them!


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