2012 Is When Mobile Blogging Goes Big!

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This is the 1st post in a series of seventeen posts I’m doing following Kim Roach’s list post of “17 Copy-And-Paste Blog Post Templates“. You can see all the posts from this series on my blogging challenges page.


More and more people are surfing the web via mobile devices. It doesn’t matter if they are using a tablet or smartphone, you need to adapt your blog to their screen.

I believe in 2012, more and more blogs will be read through mobile devices, and also the amount of blogging being done on these bevices will increase, I think these 2 things go without saying. However, the one trend that is also starting to emerge slowly is blogs about mobile blogging.

Blogging About Mobile Blogging

If I had the time to start a new project right now, that’s what it would be about. You can take any blog out there and make adaptations of their posts about regular blogging to suit mobile blogging. Heck, you could even take famous products like the number one blogging product (31 Days To Build A Better Blog) and create 31 Days To Build A Mobile Blog, although I don’t recommend doing just that for copyright reasons and to keep a good reputation.

The Niche is Mobile Blogging, but don’t Forget the Micro Niche

You could choose to dive into the mobile blogging niche as a whole, or you can keep even more specific and deal specifically with tablets or smartphones, or even go a level deeper and choose a specific device (i.e. IPad).

Either way the same principals apply, but if you’re alone and only have one device it might be smarter to stick to that device since you’ll have a hands on approach which is always best.

Mobile Blogging is my End Goal

One of the goals I have for myself is to set up all my websites, blogs, business, services, and products so that I can manage everything through both my BlackBerry devices (Curve Smartphone and PlayBook Tablet).

It’s so much more convenient than getting out a laptop or using a computer. It’s more portable and faster.

What aspects of mobile blogging have you embraced already?

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