My Most Visited Websites From A to Z

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This is the 14th post in a series of seventeen posts I’m doing following Kim Roach’s list post of “17 Copy-And-Paste Blog Post Templates“. You can see all the posts from this series on my blogging challenges page.

I’ve been thinking about doing a post like this for a little while, and it just happened that it was perfect for the 14th post in this blogging challenge. I’m going to share with you the top websites I use from A to Z. Most will be related to my blogging or web working activities.
I use Google Chrome now on all my computers but I think other browsers work the same now, when you press a letter in the address bar it brings up the website you have visited the most that starts with that letter. I’m sure some of these will be the same for you, but some won’t be, so it could be a good opportunity to discover some new websites.
I’ve also excluded my websites from the list since you can see those in my portfolio.

My most visited websites from A to Z

A –

Adbeans is a publisher network that pays me to write posts on some of my blogs and link specific words to their customers websites. They pay a pretty good amount, depending on the quality of the website.

B –

Blogger is Google’s blogging offering. I run several blogs powered by Blogger. I prefer WordPress, but Blogger has come a long way and can be good for specific types of blogs. Also good to get a blog up and running quickly and free. An honorable mention goes to Blog Engage ( since if it wasn’t because of the blogs I run on Blogger, Blog Engage would be number 1 in the “B”s.

C –

CBC Sports wouldn’t normally be the leading “C” website, but since it’s playoff season in the NHL right now, well I’ve been watching a lot of games off their website (it’s legal lol). Normally the top “C” website is Clickbank (, which is probably one of the more popular affiliate networks for online products, I do a lot of affiliate marketing with their products on blogs and social networks.

D –

Domain Hole is my number one used tool to find great new domains. They have so many different options when trying to find available domains, I like to use the “brainstormer” to find ideas, or the instant and complete checks for specific domains.

E –

I opened my very first eBay account back in 1995 (maybe early 1996), and have been using ever since to buy and sell items, I have slowed down quite a bit lately, but still use it enough for it to be my number one “E” website. With one of my new projects I will be using it a lot more for selling, should be starting in October.

F –

Duh! I run a few pages for myself and clients, plus my personal profile, I don’t remember the last day that I went completely Facebook free! As an honorable mention in the “F” category I would like to mention Fiverr ( which I use a lot, I don’t buy much, but sell a lot on there. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a website where people sell products and services for five dollars.

G –

This is another obvious one, probably my most used website, specially when you combine all the sub domains like Adsense, Analytics, Gmail, Calendar, Plus, Reader, Search, Maps and others.

H –

If you scroll up to the top of the page, chances are you will see a “red” horizontal bar with a message in it, at the time of this post the message is in relation to a contest over at Blog Engage, well this bar is called the Hello Bar, the basic bar is free and easy to integrate onto any website, give it a try, it’s neat and useful to bring attention to just about anything you want.

I –

This is the website I use to make quick changes to images, it may not be the best one out there because I’ve never really researched for more than what I needed and Image Editor was able to do exactly that.

J –

I know I said I wouldn’t put any of my websites here, but it doesn’t look like I visit any other websites that start with the letter “J”.

K –

Kijiji is the online classified website owned by eBay, it’s like Craigslist. In Montreal, where I live, Kijiji is bigger than Craigslist. I use it more to see things that are too big to sell on eBay.

L –

Although I don’t use LinkedIn as much as I used to, it’s still number one for the “L”s. Looks like I don’t use many websites that start with the letter “L”.

M –

Maxbounty is my CPA (Cost Per Action) network of choice. They are a Canadian company but have programs for all countries, basically a network of programs that will pay you to give them leads (usually in the form of e-mail submits or sales).

N –

Unlike CBC Sports above, is always among my top websites no matter what time of year it is. I’m a huge hockey fan so I’m always there looking at videos, pictures, news and stats.

O –

I use One Way Text Link to add some of my websites to different directories. I like their website because I manage a lot of websites and I can keep different profiles on their website and just copy/paste everything I need.

P –

PayPal is another one of my most used websites, I treat it as another one of my bank accounts. I receive money almost every day and use it to pay for a lot of things too.

Q – None

It looks like I haven’t visited any websites that start with the letter “Q”, if you have any that you use regularly, let me know!

R –

Rogers is a Canadian Telecom company, they are my provider for my wireless voice and data plan. This is the third company I have used since I got my first cell phone about 12 years ago, before them I was with the other two big names in Canada (Bell & Telus) and I have to say I have had better service, pricing and connectivity with Rogers than the other two.

S –

Share A Sale is an affiliate network that provides programs from a lot of online companies, it has a good variety if you are looking to monetize your website.

T –

I’m absolutely addicted to WordPress themes and website templates, specially landing pages lately. Theme Forest is my favorite marketplace for such themes and templates. An honorable mention goes to Twitter (, which I’m sure many of you would have expected to be number one here, but truth be told I use Twitter through software and apps on my PCs and BlackBerrys (Phone and Tablet).

U –

I don’t use UPS to ship, but it seems lately a lot of people are shipping to me via UPS since it’s my number one “U” website, it’s actually pretty much the only one.

V –

Videotron is a Quebec telecom company, they provide my home landline, high speed internet and digital cable. Eventually this will change because I’m not really satisfied with their products and their service, but until then I’m often on their website for billing, usage and changes.

W –

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t know Wikipedia. It’s the biggest user edited online encyclopedia, and even if a lot of times there can be some false information, I refer to it a lot and end up reading a lot of things. I can sometimes get lost for hours reading different things there.

X –

Xanga is a blogging website, I’ve been there a few times, but never really used it. It’s the only “X” I have.

Y –

Yes, Yahoo! Most would’ve thought YouTube, but I don’t use YouTube on my computers, just on my phone or tablet when I’m travelling, and even then it’s limited. I like Yahoo! because of the way the news is presented, I don’t use their search or products, just head to the frontpage to read the headlines.

Z –

Every once in a while I like to look at real estate, normally in Canada, but sometimes in the US and Zillow is what I use for my US searches. It’s the only domain I have in the “Z”s.

Which ones are the same or different for you?


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