My 2016 Goals February Update!

The second month of the year has come and gone, and it’s time to see how my 16 goals for 2016 are doing. This post is more for accountability, but it’s also a great motivator to do better this month.
Two months are about 17% of the year, so that’s what I will be comparing my goals against so far, however a few of them are meant to be completed later in the year.


  1. Invest 10% of my income; I’m only at 4%, there were some delays in the setup of my automatic savings plan, but it’s all set up now. Once a couple of months have passed, I will raise it to 15% to come out at 10% for the year overall, which is good because next year I want to make it 15%.
  2. Getting rid of all my debt; This is only set to start in March, but the financial plan is according to schedule so far, so this should be easy.
  3. Triple my online income; I’m at 9.85% right now, February wasn’t as good as January but with more ads getting added daily, things will start increasing, exponentially.
  4. Cut recurring payments by 20%; I didn’t cut anything in February, but I’m still ahead of target at over 20% of my goal. The next big cuts will be to my car and house insurance once they renew in April and May, but I am working on something for March so that I can still stay on schedule.



  1. Drink 732 L of water; Another month gone, and this is still my weakest category, at 1% of my goal, I will need to aim for 3L a day at some point to make up for lost time.
  2. Cut fast food; Of the 29 days in February, I was able to avoid fast food 19 total days, which is about the same as January, I’m not expecting to reach 100% in this category, but would like to keep improving as the year goes on.
  3. Losing 60 LBS; I’m ahead of schedule in this category, because I got really sick in February and lost a bunch of weight, so far since the beginning of the year I’ve lost 18 LBS, so I’m at 30% of my goal. Lets see how I do this month, without being sick, I hope!
  4. Cutting Caffeine; I was able to avoid caffeine 11 of 29 days, which is worse than January, and to top it off, since my birthday I’ve been drinking Coke again, but it stops for March 1st, I will do better in March.



  1. Adding 400 new Team Canada hockey cards; I’ve added 18 in February, which brings me up to about 25% of my goal. I’m not anticipating to add much in March as I prepare for my Toronto Expo trip where I should pickup a bunch. Upper Deck announced a new Team Canada set coming out in August, so I would expect to reach and surpass my goal by then.
  2. Scanning my hockey card collection; Still figuring out the best way to do this, I think I have it down the way I want it, I’ve scanned 16 cards this way and still have some testing to do, but once that’s figured out, I’ll be rolling.



  1. Making the bed; I made the bed 15 of 29 days, which is over half the days and considering the amount of days I was sick isn’t too bad, but last month was definitely better. So far to date I’ve made the bed 67% of the time.
  2. Sleep 8 hours a night; I’m just over 8 hours per night, being sick once again helped in this category, specially the day I slept 15 hours!
  3. Making 3000 calls; I’m only at 4.2% of my goal, I did make a lot more calls this months but mostly all from my work phone, I might have to get those numbers out to make this more accurate, I’m thinking I’d be around 8-9% with those numbers.



  1. Have 24 websites up and running; I was at 4 in January and now I’m at 2, because I’ve changed how they are being displayed. Just a couple tweaks and I’ll be back at 4 which is my goal for February, then I’ll be able to add a couple more to each my March goal.
  2. Reach 4000 posts; I’m at 3% right now, which is way lower than I should be, other than one website (Business Card Critic), I’m behind on everything, being sick didn’t help a bit.
  3. Double my 2015 pageviews; I’m now behind my 2015 numbers, which makes no sense, but I figured out a big issue, that should help fix this going forward. I’m at 6.5% on the year here.

I’m obviously disappointed with how February went, but being really sick once, and then not being 100% for a couple of weeks didn’t help my cause. Today is the first day of March, and it’s time to go above and beyond in all categories, except maybe the caffeine one as I’m drinking an ice cap right now!
As mentioned, the Jamie Northrup website will be getting an overhaul but it might take a couple of months as the website needs some professional pictures that I need to get done before I can get the site up and running.

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