Jamie Northrup's New Blog Post Checklist

As promised when I released my LinkedIn Checklist a few months ago, I’ve decided to start creating new checklists for different internet marketing, money making, social networking and blogging activities.

Each checklist will have a blog post associated with it that will describe each item on the checklist and the checklists will soon be regrouped on the different checklist pages (Blogging Checklists, Social Networking Checklists and Make Money Online Checklist) which I am still experimenting with.

More will come on these checklists, but in the meantime check out my New Blog Post Checklist, which is basically a list of things I do for each one of my new blog posts before publishing it.

Jamie’s New Blog Post Checklist

Download the PDF Version

– Add Media

Most posts include one picture, but nothing is stopping you from adding a couple or even a video to your post. Even if you didn’t intend on doing it, you can easily add more content to your post by searching for relevant pictures or videos after you’re done writing the post.

– Affiliate Link Disclosure

It’s the law! Well maybe only in certain countries, but even if affiliate disclosure is not enforced by law in your country, it may be in the country of the product or service you are promoting. If they catch you they have a valid reason not to pay you your dues.

– Alt Tags & Credit for Images

Two things you should do for every image you include in your post, the first is to add an alt tag with that posts keyword. The second, is to give credit for the image you’re using if needed.

– Ask Someone to Read It

Before hitting publish, or after if it’s too late, ask someone you know to read it, it doesn’t matter who, just have them read it. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can catch some spelling or grammar mistakes yours didn’t.

– Call to Action

What do you want the reader to do once they have finished reading the post? If you don’t tell them, they probably won’t do it. Tell them to share the post, comment on it, sign up to a newsletter, download or purchase a product. Whatever it is, just tell them to do something. Ali Luke did a post showing you how to add a call to action over at DailyBlogTips.

– Check the Permalink

A permalink, for those of you who don’t know, is the link to the post, basically what comes after your domain name is what you’re looking for (http://www.domainname.com/permalink). You want to use your primary keyword there, for example on this post the permalink is new-blog-post-checklist.

– Email Contacts to Share It

Whatever niche you are in, chances are you have started to make contacts that are in the same boat as you. Email them, tell them you have a new post and you would appreciate their thoughts and ask them to share it if they like it.

– External Links

Try and add a couple links throughout your post to other websites that have related content that can help add to your post.

– Internal Links

Like the external links, find a few pages or old posts on your website that you can link to throughout your new post. This is helpful for your readers and search engines. If you take a look at the top of this post, I added internal links to the 3 pages on my website that contain the different checklists I have created, along with a link to the post of the LinkedIn checklist.

– Keyword Density

Check your keyword density, most SEO experts claim that 1-3% is the right number, I’m not going to debate that, but whatever you believe is right, then make sure you aren’t too low or too high, either way it can hurt you in the search engine rankings.

– Match Your Style Guide

Try and be consistent with the colors and font you use. Also try and use H1 and H2 tags in your subheadings which is good for SEO and for the overall look of the page, it will also help your reader through the article. You can also use underlining, italics and bold words to emphasize your keywords.

– Preview

This is a no-brainer, but so many people don’t do it, before you hit publish, hit the preview button and check how it all looks, and you can even do the next thing on my check list now too!

– Proofread

Once you’re done read it all, if you make any changes, read it again. Always make sure the flow is consistent and check the spelling and grammar while you’re there. Some people suggest you read it out loud as well.

– Rework the Headline

When your content gets shared people are most likely to see the headline first and decide from there if they should take the time to read your post. Whatever your first headline is, it could probably be better. Here are some headline writing tips from Amanda DiSilvestro over on BloggingPro.

– Share It

The final item in my new blog post checklist is an obvious one. You want to get the word out about your new post, so go ahead send a tweet, like it, share it, plus it, whatever else you want, but get it out there. Try and find some good social bookmarking websites that apply to your post or blog.

Download the PDF Version

Is there anything missing on my new blog post checklist?

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