No Blogging Still Isn't Dead

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This is the 17th post in a series of seventeen posts I’m doing following Kim Roach’s list post of “17 Copy-And-Paste Blog Post Templates“. You can see all the posts from this series on my blogging challenges page.


Ever since blogging began, it was dead apparently. I disagree with this statement one hundred percent, they weren’t dead when Wired said so in 2008, they weren’t dead in 2010 when Social Media Examiner posted a video of Steve Rubel saying they were, and they sure aren’t dead today in 2012!

The word blog came to be in 1999, but blogging starting way before that it just wasn’t called that. I created my first website in 1995 and it was a blog format, sure it wasn’t pretty and as fancy as what we have today, but it was a blog none the less. I wasn’t the first by a long shot to be blogging without knowing it was blogging!

There are millions if not billions of blogs out there, sure there are also millions of blogs dying each day, but there are also millions of blogs being born each day.

I don’t see how anyone can say blogging is dead with this much activity going on. Maybe you can’t make as much money blogging as you once could, but even that I don’t think is true, maybe it’s just not as easy.

Not everyone blogs for money, even though sometimes it seems that’s what most people do, specially if that’s what you’re looking for. I started blogging as a hobby because I was (and still am) a hockey card collector. I was able to post my latest finds and trades along with industry news, I just wish I had kept the blog going all these years, but I was in and out of the blogging world from 1995 until 2006, I had dozens of websites, screen names and domains without ever being consistent.

Until 2006 when I decided to turn my hobbies and interests into a business which basically turned into the launch of the Deuce Group company, but I digress.

I keep hearing about the death of blogging, but blogging still isn’t dead, and I doubt I’ll ever see its death!

Do You Think Blogging Is Dying?


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