Nothing Beats Enjoying Your Work!

I love the work I do online, if I didn’t, well I wouldn’t do it!

Some people suggest you jump on the latest trends or the biggest ones and make a website about it, pump out a bunch of articles and then market it. That sounds like a good idea, but let me tell you it’s not as easy as it sounds.If you really want to be successful and make money, there will be ups and downs, and if you don’t enjoy the work you do, when the times are tough, it will be really hard to stick with it.

There were months were I had almost no visits to my websites and made little to no money, but I still kept going because I enjoyed it, and it paid off.

Enjoying the topics I choose to make websites about, not only motivates me but also makes me engage more with people on and off the sites which increases my chances of having success. It also helps in bringing in new visits or clients via social marketing, as I try to be as involved as much as possible in discussions about the topics I enjoy and write about.

A visit to a website could mean just that, one visit, or it can mean a lot more, the amount of people I have converted from a simple visitor, from one of my websites, to a client or a subscriber is really high and that is what makes me successful at running websites and web services.

How many websites do you have?

And out of those, how many do you enjoy writing about?

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