October 2010 Top 10 WordPress Themes

With the great success of my last WordPress themes post showcasing the  Top 10 WordPress Themes from September 2010, I have decided to make this a monthly feature where each month I will present my top 10 favorites themes released that month.

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Here are my favorite ten WP themes from October 2010

1 ) Corporate Easy (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Corporate Easy WordPress Theme (Cost: $35.00)

2 ) Boomerang Creative Portfolio (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Boomerang Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

3 ) Innova Construct (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Innova Construct WordPress Theme

4 ) Kustom Website (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Kustom Website WordPress Theme

5 ) Alchemist Portfolio and Corporate (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Alchemist Portfolio and Corporate WordPress Theme

6 ) PIM Newspaper Magazine and Blog (Cost: $30) Demo / Purchase

PIM Newspaper Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme

7 ) Prestige Ultimate Dark (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Prestige Ultimate Dark WordPress Theme

8 ) Synergie Premium (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Synergie Premium WordPress Theme

9 ) Castiel Magazine Style (Cost: $30) Demo / Purchase

Castiel Magazine Style WordPress Theme

10 ) Gadgetine Premium Magazine (Cost: $30) Demo / Purchase

Gadgetine Premium Magazine WordPress Theme

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