Online Spring Cleaning Time for Web Workers

Spring has officially been here for about a week now, and we all know what that means, it’s time for spring cleaning! The house, the car, the yard, maybe even the office, but what about your online spring cleaning, meaning your computers and the cloud (your online files).

More and more, we are seeing applications and files migrate from physical computers to what is known as the cloud. Now is as good a time as any to clean up your cloud and get organized!

I basically just finished doing this, and will share with you what I did, and why.

The very first place I attacked was my emails, thankfully I learned a very long time ago to organize them so it wasn’t really messy, I do have over 40 GBs of emails but I’m not looking to reduce the ones I have, but more the ones I will be getting. I use Gmail for most my email needs, and figured I would like to reduce the amount I get each day.

What I did to do this was go through all the emails I received in the past month and unsubscribe to all the newsletters I was getting that I didn’t really need, which was almost 100 in the past month. The second thing I did was unsubscribed to the blogs I was subscribed to by email and instead put their RSS feed in my Google Reader account so I can still stay up to date with their updates but without bringing in more email.

The second thing I wanted to do is have more consistency between my files and pictures on my different computers and the ones in the cloud, so I decided it was time to move it all to the cloud. For pictures I use Picasa, which is Google’s picture web application, for videos I use YouTube, and for documents I use Google Docs.

It took me some time to organize things the way I wanted, but now that it’s done and it’s all in the cloud, I can easily and quickly access any file from anywhere I am and I don’t have to wonder which PC has the latest update of a file or which PC the file is on, because it’s everywhere since it’s stored in the cloud.

Of course don’t ever forget to back up your data that is stored in the cloud, I will be posting about the different ways to do that soon.

Everyone has their own preferences, so feel free to share what you do to in the comments.

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