Over Three Months Later, I'm Almost Back!

Well, I haven’t posted on this blog since July 30th, which is just over 3 months ago, and I’m well off the goals I had for 2012 for this blog, but that doesn’t change the fact 2012 has been an incredible year both for my personal life and my online business life. I think if I had continued all year as strong as I did at my peaks I would be an even better place, but I’m happy with what I have accomplished, here are some of the accomplishments I have achieved.

      • The first and most important accomplishment was achieved when my wife and I welcomed are first child to the world this year.
      • The second achievement is a financial one, I made more money online this year than I did in the previous 5 years combined.
      • Another one is that I now manage 22 websites, compared to about 11 when 2012 started.
      • Keeping with the stats, all my traffic, conversions, social media shares are up compared to the previous years.
Unfortunately I’ve fallen short on some of the goals I’ve given myself in terms of the websites I manage, for each one I set up a quartely goal. Here’s how I’ve done so far:
      • Q1: 22 of 22 Goals Completed
      • Q2: 19 of 22 Goals Completed
      • Q3: 9 of 22 Goals Completed
      • Q4: 2 of 22 Goals Completed

That works out to a total of 52 of 88 (59%) goal completed. I do still have a little under 2 months to complete them, some of them are longer than others, but I’m going to try and get as many as possible completed.
On top of these goals I’ve added myself a new goal for all my projects, I want to be able to run all my websites and services through my smartphone, I not only want to be mobile, but I want to have as little equipment as possible. Some websites may be harder than others, I may have to completely overhaul some websites, or change the way different things look.
I will concentrate on completing the 36 goals I had set at the begining of the year before I work on my mobile goal, so some of that may only occur in the begining of 2013.
The reason I’m posting this today, is to let you know I’m still in the game, just more in a behind the scenes mode lately, but I’ll try bringing you more updates until I’m back to 100% active duty!

Image(s): FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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