Pardon The Mess, The Transition Has Begun!

Image Courtesy of Designious.

Today, September 6th 2011, is the day the new website goes up.

I wasn’t going to do it until Friday, but I will be doing the switch to the new logo and theme later today, so in advance I would like to apologize for the mess since the old posts probably won’t all look good in the new theme, however over the course of the next few days I will be fixing them, and also will be implementing some new features, so if something looks weird this week don’t worry, it should all be normal by next week.

Also as of next week you should see a few of my guest posts appearing on some websites, including one or two big name ones hopefully, more on that later. I’m also completing my editorial calendar, I want to have some consistency in posting new things here, and the newsletter will get going shortly after that.

Here are a couple screen captures of my website before the change:

1 – The Front Page (

The Front Page (

2 – The Single Blog Post Page (

The Single Blog Post Page (

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