Premium WordPress Plug-In Review: SocialPop

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed to add some more social media media buttons for my readers to be able to easier share a post amongst other networks other than the big three that I have to left here (Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon). So I went on a search, I wanted a WordPress plug-in that wasn’t heavy or bulky, something easy to use with lots of options, and most important of all that fit perfectly and beautifully with my website.

After days of searching, free and premium WordPress plug-ins, I found one that was absolutely above the rest, it’s called “SocialPop: A Social Media Plug-in for WordPress”.

As you can see at the bottom of this post I have 15 icons, of the available 26 with the plug-in, listed and available for you to share my post with, I find them very elegant, and fit nicely. There are several different display options that you can choose.

The best way to get to see how it works is to check out the official SocialPop demo.

This is the first premium WordPress plug-in I have ever purchased, and for $5.00 I can say I’m very happy and am looking forward to the next one that comes my way.

Learn more or purchase SocialPop the Social Media WordPress Plug-In.

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