Blogging Challenge Accepted: Ranking My Blogs Case Study

The last blogging challenge I accepted, I didn’t even tell you was a challenge, it was my post titled “Getting Paid to Blog is Great, But Recognition is Even Better!“. That post was created as part of a blogging challenge on Smart Passive Income, and although I wasn’t one of the winners of the $50.00 Amazon gift cards, I was very pleased from the experience and of course, the link back on SPIs website.
Today, I have decided to accept a second blogging challenge from Smart Passive Income, which is to create a case study type post. Basically I want to share with you my attempted rise to the top of the search engines.
At First, I was going to use one or two of my blogs and see what I can come up with, but instead I’ve decided to take all 9 of the websites/blogs I personally manage and see what can be done. All the blogs are at different levels in terms of traffic, PR, Alexa Rank and actual website completion, but I figured who cares, lets just throw it out there, and for a couple of months do nothing but post on them as I usually do, and try to improve my ranking using methods I’ve found on the Internet through different blogs.
Some of the obvious methods I will use are guest posting and blog commenting, but I have several other things I will try, and we will see just how well I do. My goal is to increase my ranking for several keywords on each website. I will choose 3 keywords for each website.
You can follow my progress through this Google Docs Spreadsheet I created titled Ranking My Blogs Case Study. It will be update the keyword rankings each two weeks, but I expect to post a weekly recap of what I’ve done for each of my sites on this website.
Here’s a little bit about each websites before we get this show on the road.

Business Card Critic

PR1 / Alexa Rank 1,261,839 / 12,964 Visitors in the Past Year

This website is more a gallery than a blog, basically I feature a new business card every day and my readers can rate each card on a scale of 1 to 10. It’s a very simple website and I believe I don’t need to make any changes to the content, design and layout, but it does need some behind the scenes work that can help me rank it higher in search engines.
The keywords I would like to rank higher with for are “Business Card”, “Business Card Template”, and “Vintage Business Cards”.

Cash Money Fan

PR0 / Alexa Rank 3,824,711 / 16,511 Visitors in the Past Year

I created this fan website for Cash Money Records and their recording artists, I post sporadically and mostly post videos. I’ve contemplated turning this into a video only website which would make my work easier, but I’ve managed to rank non video pages in the search engines so I’m hesitant of changing it now. I will make a decision in the future to develop the other pages (such as biographies, pictures and more), or turn it in to a video only website, but for now I will keep it going as it is.
The keywords I would like to rank higher for are “Lil Wayne”, “Drake”, and “Cash Money Records”.

Deuce Group

PR2 / Alexa Rank 848,256 / 9,081 Visitors in the Past Year

The oldest of my current websites and the name of my company, however the website itself is not quite what it once was, and there is no clear purpose to it. It will be refocused and redesigned at a later time, but in the meantime I will try to improve my rank on some keywords that could still apply to the future plans.
The keywords I would like to rank higher for are “Best Infographics”, “Awesome Home Office”, and “Web Workers”.

Jamie Northrup

PR2 / Alexa Rank 492,908 / 71,669 Visitors in the Past Year

My personal brand website, the website you should be reading this post on. Chances are you know already, but if you don’t, I’m a web consultant, and blog about different related things like building and improving websites, graphic design, social media, internet marketing and sometimes random things I enjoy. I also use this website as a portfolio for my work online and the services I offer.
The keywords I would like to rank higher for are “Web Consultant”, “Paid To Blog”, and “Work Online”.

Mike Green Fan

PR1 / Alexa Rank 4,514,336 / 12,261 Visitors in the Past Year

One of my favorite websites is about my favorite hockey player, Mike Green. Basically it’s a typical fan website with a blog, the static pages need improving and updating, and a lot of SEO work should be done on the website too. I believe this is the website that is in the best position to get a lot of traffic with improved search engine ranking, specially on my main keyword “Mike Green”.
The keywords I would like to rank higher for are “Mike Green”, “Washington Capitals”, and “Mike Green Capitals”.

Mister Make It Rain

PR0 / Alexa Rank 6,603,916 / 658 Visitors in the Past Year

I really like the design and logo of this website, but I haven’t posted nearly enough, and the quality of the posts I put there weren’t very good, so I need to get some newer and longer posts. Basically it’s a website that reviews money making opportunities and lets the users rate them.
The keywords I would like to rank higher for are “Money Making Opportunities”, “Make Money Online”, and “Get Paid Online”.

Ray Emery Fan

PR0 / Alexa Rank 7,414,549 / 7,767 Visitors in the Past Year

Another website dedicated to one of my favorite hockey players, this time around for goaltender Ray Emery. A lot like the Mike Green website, this one needs better static pages, and also more updates in the blog, but it’s harder than Mike Green because Ray Emery is a back up goalie so he doesn’t play very often.
The keywords I would like to rank higher for are “Ray Emery”, “Ray Emery Blackhawks”, and “Ray Emery Mask”.

Social Favors

PR3 / Alexa Rank 1,431,420 / 1,607 Visitors in the Past Year

Like the Mister Make It Rain website, I love the design and logo, but have been lacking time to develop it. It’s not a blog, but more a marketplace to exchange social media/networking favors. I’m not sure how I got a PR3 in the latest Page Rank update, but it was always 0 before, and if you check the site out, other than looking nice there really isn’t anything good going on.
The keywords I would like to rank higher for are “Get More Facebook Fans”, “Get More Tweets”, and “Get More Blog Comments”.

WordPress Of The Day

PR3 / Alexa Rank 730,508 / Over 14,000 Visitors in the Past Year

Unfortunately the Google Analytics connection to the site went down so I don’t have the exact number of visitors in the past year but it was over 14,000. I used to feature a different WordPress thing each day of the week (Themes, Plugins, People, Websites, Tips, Etc). Then I changed the website to just feature a different theme each day, but left all the old content on there. I haven’t gotten a new logo and fixed some of the formatting that was for the old template.
The keywords I would like to rank higher for are “WP Themes”, “Premium WordPress Themes”, and “WordPress Theme”.
You can expect to see a post every Friday containing everything I did during the past week to try to improve my keyword ranks. If you would like to try as well that would be great, and feel free to share things you think I should try to do or things that you think I’m doing wrong.

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