Schedule Tweets on Multiple Twitter Accounts

Managing multiple websites means I manage multiple Twitter accounts, and sometimes that can be complicated, there are hundreds of tools out there to use to manage and keep track of several different Twitter accounts, my favorite overall one is TweetDeck.
Today I won’t be speaking about TweetDeck though, right now I’m more interested in a newly discovered web application called Timely that not only allows you to schedule your tweets on multiple accounts, but it also checks to see what time it should set them for.
They do that by analyzing your last 199 tweets and it tells you the best times to publish future ones at.
You can test it now for free by just entering your username and it will give you the 4 best times a day to publish your updates.
It can end there, or you can register and link your Twitter accounts, and then you can tweet from their website, or via a bookmarklet (a button that sits on your bookmarks toolbar).
The whole service is free, but there is a pro option with a few more bells and whistles.

Try Timely to Schedule Tweets on Multiple Twitter Accounts.

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