September 2010 Top 10 WordPress Themes

I’m proud to present my favorite 10 WordPress premium themes from September 2010.

I use WordPress for all my projects and most of my clients projects when at all possible, so I’m always on the look out for new premium WordPress themes for them or myself.

During the course of the month of September I kept tabs on all the premium themes being released, and because of this, I am now able to bring your a nice top ten list full of great WordPress themes! Included are any type of theme that works with WordPress, styles include magazine, blog, portfolio, corporate and even more specialized ones.

Here are my favorite ten WP themes from September 2010

1 ) Blackops Portfolio & Blog (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Blackops Portfolio & Blog (Cost: $35) WordPress Theme

2 ) Collective Community WordPress Theme (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Collective Community WordPress Theme (Cost: $35)

3 ) Geronimo One Page Portfolio & Business Theme (Cost: $30) Demo / Purchase

Geronimo One Page Portfolio & Business Theme (Cost: $30)

4 ) Alabastros Studios WordPress Version (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Alabastros Studios WordPress Version (Cost: $35) Theme

5 ) Magzimus Blog & Magazine Theme (Cost: $30) Demo / Purchase

Magzimus Blog & Magazine Theme (Cost: $30)

6 ) Themeology Portfolio and Blog Theme (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Themeology Portfolio and Blog Theme (Cost: $35)

7 ) Caffeinated Portfolio Theme (Cost: $70) Demo / Purchase

Caffeinated Portfolio WordPress Theme (Cost: $70)

8 ) BluePrint Magazine (Cost: $30) Demo / Purchase

BluePrint Magazine (Cost: $30) WordPress Theme

9 ) Kinetic WordPress Theme (Cost: $50) Demo / Purchase

Kinetic WordPress Theme (Cost: $50)

10 ) Paper Plane WordPress Theme (Cost: $30) Demo / Purchase

Paper Plane WordPress Theme (Cost: $30)

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